Distilbène, quels Recours pour les Victimes?

Vidéo d’archives 2011 via Steph Draperi

Le Parcours Judiciaire par Maître Verdier

Intervention de Maître Martine Verdier durant le colloque tenu à l’Assemblée Nationale de Paris en Juin 2011.

  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (1/6)
  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (2/6)
  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (3/6)
  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (4/6)
  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (5/6)
  • Distilbène & Médiator, deux époques, deux scandales (6/6)

Images: Steph Draperi.

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

DES on Google+

Around the world, millions of men and women are totally unaware that they were exposed to Diethylstilbestrol DES, a toxic and carcinogenic drug prescribed to pregnant women decades ago to prevent miscarriage which has adverse health side effects on 3 generations. All of these people are not receiving proper medical treatment, or making truly informed decisions about their healthcare, as a result.

This Google+ page Circle Journal of a DES Daughter on Google Plus aims to break the wall of silence around the DES drug issues and further raise awareness about the health concerns including cancer and infertility associated with prenatal DES exposure. Find us on Google+

Aaron M. Levine & Associates

If you need to learn more information about your defective drug-and medical liability or women’s health rights case, we invite you to contact the law firm of Aaron M. Levine & Associates as soon as possible.

DES Daughters considering filing suit should contact Breast Cancer Lawsuit Attorney Aaron Levine Washington DC office.
He says DES Daughters in other countries should also call even though he won’t be travelling there.

EU prepares tougher Drug recall Standards

Lapse with Servier’s Mediator and PIP breast implants lead to new rules

EU prepares tougher drug recall standardsIn another response to questionable oversight by drug regulators in Europe, the EU is looking at more stringent regulations for requiring drug manufacturers to recall products.

It’s about time…
Read: EU prepares tougher drug recall standards
by Eric Palmer, May 2012

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‘Cancer Risk’ of Miscarriage Drug… a 2006 Study

Women who were exposed to DES must ensure they have regular breast checks, and be careful about using hormone replacement therapie

Daughters of mothers who took the drug DES during their pregnancies may have a higher risk of breast cancer as they get older, but this does not mean that they will definitely develop the disease.


Women whose mothers used an anti-miscarriage drug in pregnancy have double the risk of breast cancer than others their age, a US study suggests.

Read Cancer risk of miscarriage drug
BBC News August 2006.

More DES DiEthylStilbestrol Resources

DES Sons – the Truth and the Unknown

DES is a drug tragedy not only for women but for men too.
Yet, far less research on the devastating health effects of DES has been carried out on men.

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