These Moms rock!

Christine Nienstedt is a fairly typical mom. Her time is stretched thin between work and her kids’ soccer games — and navigating the array of toxic chemicals that fill her family’s world.

These moms rock! Way to go stroller brigade!
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DEStiny Jacket by Artist ReginaHolliday
DEStiny a jacket for @cascadia #TheWalkingGallery – Copyright Artist Regina Holliday – All rights reserved

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Les médicaments sont-ils dangereux?

Oui, les médicaments peuvent nous rendre malades!

Les médicaments sont-ils dangereux?Health: Are drugs dangerous?
– Yes! This is is the message of a new prevention campaign by the French Department of Health. Click here to read this article in English by Google Translate.

Santé : Les médicaments sont-ils dangereux ?
Oui, les mĂ©dicaments peuvent nous rendre malades ! C’est le message de la nouvelle campagne de prĂ©vention du MinistĂšre de la SantĂ©.
Lisez  ” SantĂ© : Les mĂ©dicaments sont-ils dangereux? “.

DES Info

The Group DES Info welcomes everyone from the DES community — Mothers, Daughters, Sons, 3rd Generation and Beyond, Transgender, and family and friends of DES-exposed — as well as those interested in learning more. The DES tragedy of in-utero exposure and its devastating effects on multiple generations must not be forgotten.

The medical community must receive education about the consequences of this treatment having gone awry in order to

  1. know how to treat the DES exposed
  2. continue to study the long term ramifications of DES exposure
  3. prevent failures such as DES exposure from happening again.

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Dedication to a Lost Child

Artist Patricia Ann Wilson says: “The watercolors and drawings, Surviving DES Dedication to a Lost Child are a response to being a DES baby. My mother was given a drug, diethylstilbestrol, when she was pregnant with me. I have health issues as the result. The women who were given this drug between the 1940’s through the late 1970’s were actually being experimented on by the drug companies. These paintings and drawings, are my positive response to a negative situation. My art is my catharsis.” – on Flickr.

Campaigns effectiveness and measurement

Following Greg Gazin‘s post “Social media “missions” extend reach for social causes“, Paul Steinbrueck asked few questions about our campaign effectiveness and measurement.

Here is DES Daughter DES Daughter Google+ icon ‘s comment:

Thanks Paul for this article and for opening the discussion on the use of Empire Avenue to raise awareness about an issue. Measuring the success of our awareness campaign and social media strategy is a great challenge for us as it is for many non-profits and corporate organizations. First you have to determine what success means to you based on your goals and mission. For us Empire Avenue is just one element of our social media strategy. It definitely helps us achieve one of our campaign goals which is to reach out to people who have never heard of DES. But our reach goes far beyond the EAv community. Not only our content is increasingly shared and liked outside the DES community, it generates media attention. In January 2012, the Independent, one of the largest UK national newspaper with an average daily circulation at 83,600 +, contacted us for an interview. The story made the front page cover of their Sunday edition and the interview was picked up by many other national newspapers such as the Daily Mail online and offline. DES very rarely receives mainstream media attention so this was a massive success for us and all the forgotten DES victims in the UK. This interview had a snowball effect. Since then, we’ve given three interviews and provided quotes and a foreword to a novel soon to be published in the UK. As a team of two we may never achieve policy changes and increase funding for the DES cause. However, we can make sure DES is not forgotten and remains in the public eye at least until all generations affected by this drug are gone! Our strategy is to connect, contribute, collaborate, and ultimately impact society. We believe the collective voice of DES victims and those who are engaging on the DES issues on social media channels can bring about change. In order for people to care, they need to know. In order for governments to take action, they need to be pressured by the general public. So our mission is to gain support for the DES cause from the general public. We are taking on this challenge one step at a time!

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Barnacle Acrlic Collage

Patricia Ann Wilson has a BFA in Drawing and Painting, Degree in Commercial Art, and Montessori Teacher Training. Patricia apprenticed at Stone Press Editions as a fine art lithographer and worked with Jacob Lawrence. Patricia exhibits her Collage, Drawings, Watercolor, and Prints internationally. She brings the passion for being an artist to teaching art. See Patricia ” Barnacle Acrlic Collage, More Lost Children ” on Pinterest. Learn more reading ” SURVIVING DES, Dedication to a Lost Child “, Patricia’s response to being a DES baby.