Penny Oliver – Hyperplasia

“My name is Penny Oliver and I am committed to creating artwork that will inspire and reinvigorate you in your practice of medicine. By interpreting and translating anatomic, histologic and diagnostic images, I seek to create art that is both beautiful to the layperson and meaningful to the medical professional. Contact me to see how your work and passion can be transformed into a stunning piece of original art.” – Diagnosis ART, Custom Paintings for the Medical Professional on Flickr via @des_journal

The FDA stance regarding Prescription Drug Side-Effects!

See the FDA stance regarding… Prescription Drug Side-Effects! by Dave Granlund … What does FDA stand for? Fatal Drugs Allowed? or does “F” stand for Failure? Looking forward to read your suggestions … via Wellness Uncovered Health Forum via @des_journal and Diethylstilbestrol, Journal of a DES Daughter

Lifetime adverse health issues for DES Daughters

I call on the media in the UK to report on the 2011.10 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting lifetime adverse health issues for DES Daughters. It is estimated that 300,000 individuals have been exposed to DES in the UK. Don’t they have the right to know? on BuzzFeed @des_journal

My Transsexual Summer

Follow seven people’s journeys to realise their true identities

my-transsexual-summer-foxDid you know that there is significant evidence linking prenatal exposure to estrogens with gender identity and transsexual development

Watch My Transsexual Summer on Channel4.

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Toxic Bodies

In 1941 the FDA approved diethylstilbestrol use. In this gripping exploration, N Langston shows how these chemicals have penetrated into every aspect of our bodies and ecosystems, yet the U.S. government has largely failed to regulate them and has skillfully manipulated scientific uncertainty to delay regulation. Personally affected by endocrine disruptors, Langston argues that the FDA needs to institute proper regulation of these commonly produced synthetic chemicals. on Flickr @des_journal