Find your Local DES Action Group Contact Details for Advice and Support

DES Action Groups


Established in Australia, France, Ireland, Netherlands and United States, the DES Action groups identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES-exposed individuals as well as educate health care professionals.

Find your local DES Action group contact details for advice and support.

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French Justice valid Birth Certificates of Children born to Surrogate Mother

Twins met “the requirements of Article 47 of the Civil Code”

France: Justice valid Birth Certificates of Children born to Surrogate MotherSurrogate motherhood has been prohibited in France since 1991 but the French justice has recently validated birth certificates of children born to surrogate mother. This could be a huge step forward for DES Daughters! Sad reminder though that for many DES Daughters the right to have children has been stolen and they have no other choice than use a surrogate mother to carry a child to term …

Article via Google Translate – Texte original: La justice valide les actes de naissance d’enfants nés de mère porteuse, Libération, 23 février 2012.

“To Do No Harm”: a Book on DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine… on Pinterest

In this important book, Drs. Apfel and Fisher demonstrate how explosive technological advances, physicians’ unconscious fantasies of heroism, and the urging of patients, among other factors, combined to produce the DES disaster-a massive tragedy that could occur again in any area of medicine.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy – A New Way to improve Men’s Health… or yet another Pill ?

Men in their 60’s can have about half the amount of testosterone than they had during their youth

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – A New Way to improve Men’s Health... or yet another Pill ?Replacing or increasing Testosterone is a matter of avoiding many factors in our estrogen dominant society due in part to the petro chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

It is also worth noting that there are some very natural ways to increase testosterone in the the body. Testosterone Replacement Therapy should only really be considered as a last resort once natural avenues have been exhausted, otherwise it just ties into the view of a pill for every ill – not a good precedent to set for health.

Read Testosterone replacement therapy – A new way to improve men’s health,
mdhil, 2012.

NHS Breast Cancer Screening Programme : DES exposed Women and Breast screening in UK

Being breast aware as DES-exposed

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposed women and breast screeningGreat except that I won’t get an “invitation” before I turn 50 even though a recent study concluded that DES Daughters over the age of 40 are at a significantly increased risk for breast cancer

UK Guidelines: Read Diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposed women and breast screening and about being breast aware in the United Kingdom

In Australia,  there are problems too, on the matter of acquiring annual breast screening… Read Our Breast Screening Behind The Scenes by Carol Devine.

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Distilbène: des Mots sur un Scandale

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Distilbène: des Mots sur un Scandale... a DES Book on Flickr

  • French book written by Veronique Mahe, Prefaced by Marie Darrieussecq and published in 2010.
  • Testimonials from DES Daughters, mothers, sons, fathers, partners and husbands.
Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

GlaxoSmithKline was fined $3 Billion … How is this new ruling going to help the DES Exposed ?

The case concerns 10 drugs, including Paxil, Wellbutrin, Avandia and Advair

GlaxoSmithKline chief executive Sir Andrew Witty promises action after the company was fined for mis-selling drugs in the US.Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline plead guilty to three criminal charges over mis-selling of drugs and withholding of data and was fined $3bn for healthcare fraud.

What about DES Marketing… and the Supreme Court Ruling… will it help the DES Exposed? What do you think? Read How is this new ruling going to help the DES Exposed by KMFDallas

Please sign the petition Let’s all convince Eli Lilly to adequately deal with the Reality of their Disaster – Time for Actions

Cervical and Vaginal Cancers are Higher Risk in Women exposed to DES in Utero

The large number of women exposed in utero to DES may still be at special risk for CCA as they grow older

Cervical and vaginal cancers are higher risk in women exposed to DES in uteroDES … the gift that keeps on giving! … Will the fear of cancer ever leave us?

Read Cervical and vaginal cancers are higher risk in women exposed to DES in utero.

Exposed to DES?

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