Double Standard: Women must typically Work Harder to Lose Weight

Several Factors Make Weight Loss for Men Easier

Women Must Typically Work Harder to Lose Weight


The gender gap is a phrase usually used to describe disparities in income between men and women, but it may very well apply to weight loss as well.

Read weight loss for women by Dr. Mercola via J. Ruth Kelly

DES Daughter Susan Helmrich on @Survcast: take this Surv™ and express your Opinion

Please show Survcast Take DES Daughter's surveys on Survcast that we care and we are grateful that they are highlighting the DES tragedy on their Interactive Internet opinion poll website by taking and sharing the quizz… Click to Surv it

Read and watch Beating Cancer One Lap at a Time

Anne Levadou, a DES Activist on Pinterest

Anne Levadou, President of Réseau D.E.S FranceAnne Levadou, President of Réseau D.E.S France, received the National Order of Merit as a recognition for her devotion to prevention and support for Réseau D.E.S France.

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Eli Lilly lawsuit – The Melnick sisters interview – Boston DES Breast Cancer trial

This is a drug that was never adequately tested and never adequately warned said Aaron Levine, a lawyer for the Melnick sisters and the other women who have sued in Boston.

The Melnick sisters

  • Read Sisters take Eli Lilly to court over their breast cancer on
  • Read Diethylstilbestrol Lawsuit: Melnick Sisters Sue Eli Lilly And Co., Producer Of DES Pregnancy Drug, After Breast Cancer Diagnoses on The Huffington Post
  • Read ‘DES Daughters’ to sue Drug Company over link between Mother’s Pregnancy Drug and Breast Cancer on
  • Read Trial set to begin in Boston over pregnancy on and on

Boston DES Breast Cancer Trial 2013 January 08th

Our Stolen Future

A book by Dr. Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and Dr. John Peterson Myers

Our stolen Future, a Book on Flickr

DES was just one of many new synthetic chemicals that promised to give us control over the forces of nature…

A book by Dr. Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and Dr. John Peterson Myers

Read Our Stolen Future: Excerpts from Chapter 4, Hormone Havoc

DES books set on Flickr  DES Diethylstilbestrol's photostream on Flickr

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Behind Alan Turing’s Machines

Fresh insights into the enigma

Alan Turing and his machines - fresh insights into the enigmaAlan Turing avoided prison by agreeing to a now unthinkable condition of probation: chemical castration. He was forced to take Stilboestrol (DES)

Read Alan Turing and his machines – fresh insights into the enigma.

More about Alan Turing posthumous pardon

  • Alan Turing granted Royal pardon by the Queen, telegraph, 24 Dec 2013.
  • Grant a pardon to Alan Turin, epetitions, Closing:23/11/2012.
  • Government rejects a pardon for computer genius Alan Turing, the guardian, 7 February 2012.
  • How Alan Turing Finally Got a Posthumous Apology, radar, September 17, 2009.
  • PM apology after Turing petition, BBC News, 11 September 2009.
  • Gordon Brown: I’m proud to say sorry to a real war hero, telegraph, 10 Sep 2009.
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