Le Distilbène: trente ans après

Qu’en est-il du DES aujourd’hui?

Distilbène: trente ans après… a DES Book on Flickr

  • This book on the consequences of pre-natal exposure to Distilbène® focuses, thirty years after health authorities issued a warning, on the dangers of this medication for pregnant women.
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Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

How Endocrine-disrupting Pollutants damage the Body…

Glowing Fish reveal Secrets of Pollution

How Endocrine-disrupting Pollutants damage the Body... Glowing Fish reveal Secrets of PollutionWhy ask Zebrafish how body parts react to endocrine disruptors, ask DES mothers, daughters and sons instead! They know too well how DES, the first chemical known to act as an endocrine disruptor, messes up with your whole body and health …!!!

Read Glowing fish reveal secrets of pollution, 2012.

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YouTube DES Daughter Network Video Channel

Watch 80+ Videos about the Diethylstilbestrol DES Drug Disaster

YouTube diethylstilboestrol's channel image

YouTube is an online video management and sharing application. Its primary goals are to help people make videos available to those who matter to them, and to enable new ways of organizing short films.
It offers the perfect platform to share videos from around the world.

Playlist: DES Videos in English

YouTube DES Videos in English language playlist

  • Easily find 30+ DES videos in English language.
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Playlist: DES Vidéos en français

YouTube DES Videos in French language playlist

  • Trouvez facilement 50+ vidéos en langue française sur le Distilbène®.
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Embryo Brain Activity : Baby Brains may ‘Wake Up’ before Birth…

Chick Brains are ‘Awake’ in Eggs

Embryo Brain Activity : Baby Brains may 'Wake Up' before Birth...The findings of this new study have implications for human baby development. One big question is how this brain activity, if it indeed occurs before birth in humans, might change when a baby is born prematurely. I take this opportunity to highlight that the DES daughters fortunate enough to get pregnant are at 368 percent higher risk for premature births …

Read : ” Baby Brains May ‘Wake Up’ Before Birth “,
Live Siences, May 03, 2012.

Do Drugs ever cure disease? Or will the Patient taking Medicine be dealing with more to recover from?

The Person who takes Medicine must recover Twice,
once from the Disease and once from the Medicine…


New research suggest that Women must do more Exercise to reap same positive Health Outcomes as Men

Women must do more Exercise to reap same positive Health Outcomes as Men

Fitness program benefits obese men with Type 2 diabetes, while female counterparts lack similar successes. ”

Read Women must do more Exercise to reap same positive Health Outcomes as Men by Beverly Isla