Notice de Distilbène® DES, prescrit en France jusqu’à 1977…

…”utilement employé dans: menaces d’avortement”. ! ? ! ?

Notice de Distilbène® DES, prescrit en France jusqu'à 1977

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

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@DES_Journal influencersSocial media has allowed anyone to drive action to those around them, democratizing “influence”.
Klout measures this influence across several social networks and shows users how they impact the people connected to them.

Regarding Klout DES Daughter on Klout , my Top Social Media Influencers are Caitlin McCarthy, DES Info, DES Action USA, WONDER DRUG Movie and Carol Devine – no surprise…

And you? Who influences you?

We need a DES Awareness Month! Don’t you think?

As per choosing a Color, I say Red!

We need a DES Awareness Month! Don't you think?London’s Buckingham Palace turned bright PINK last October to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month! Breast cancer is a concern for DES Daughters and mothers.

We need a DES Awareness month! Don’t you think? As per choosing a color … How many of us have turned RED when doctors are dismissing our DES health concerns, when governments keep ignoring DES victims! So I say RED!!!!

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Aiming to Get Your Food Minus the Chemicals

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DES Daughter Susan joined “Swim Across America” and raised funds for Pediatric Cancer Research

Swim Across America raises funds for cancer research

Swim Across America raises funds for cancer researchJoin me in giving the Thumbs Up to cancer survivor, swimmer and DES daughter Susan Helmrich who took part in Swim Across America last September to raise funds for pediatric cancer researchers.

Go Susan! You’re an amazing women and inspiration to many DES daughters and cancer victims.

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Big Pharma and Doctors, or the Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Why do so many doctors still think they are invincible to Big Pharma’s influence?

Doctors Are Under the Influence of Pharma DrugsThe bottom line for any for-profit company is to sell their product, and since the pharmaceutical industry can’t sell drugs directly to patients, they convince doctors to prescribe them.
The more a doctor sees or hears the name of a drug, whether through drug reps, brochures or seeing the name on stationery, the more likely the drug is to be prescribed
. ”

Read Doctors Are Under the Influence of Pharma Drugs by Ritika Goel, 04/02/2013.

How it would help DES Daughters and Sons if Surrogacy was legalized in all States

Let It Be Legalized, said Adi Beltran

Let It Be Legalized” … Surrogacy is a worldwide controversy, every state legalizing surrogacy in the U.S. would allow DES Daughters and gays increase their family size, lower the amount of couples who go out of the country to have a child, and make Congress fix surrogacy laws. Accepting surrogacy in every state would lower the cost of having a surrogate, it’s simple economics …”

Adi Beltran shared her views in Let It Be Legalized, more, 2013.

Read DES studies on fertility and pregnancy.

Pay-to-delay Deals keep Consumer Prices artificially high to protect Drug Patent-Holders’ Profits

Pay-to-delay deals costly for the general public

How ‘Pay for Delay’ Keeps Us Paying More for Prescription Drugs” … When a company’s patent on a brand-name drug expires, other companies are free to make generic versions of the same drug… Often times, there are legal disputes between brand-name drug manufacturers and generic-drug companies. It’s increasingly common for this litigation to end with out-of-court settlements in which patentholders pay potential competitors to delay the introduction of generics.
That’s pay-to-delay
… ”

Read PD Editorial: Pay-to-delay deals costly for consumers.

Read How ‘Pay for Delay’ Keeps Us Paying More for Prescription Drugs.

The “Say NO to BPA” Campaign launched in Spain

Campaña para retirar el Bisfenol-A BPA

Campaña para retirar el BisfenolVivosano,  a Spanish non-profit health organisation, are calling on the country to draft legislation that bans bisphenol A (BPA) in all food contact materials in view of the precautionary principle.