More Questions about Robotic Hysterectomy, Robot-assisted Hysterectomies

It is not clear how to identify which women would benefit from robotic surgery

More Questions about Robotic Hysterectomy
It is not clear how to identify which women would benefit from robotic surgery

With robotic hysterectomy, the surgeon has a greater degree of movement and control of the instruments and the visualization is better but does this change outcomes for patients? Doctors promise that robot-assisted surgeries reduce complications and speed up recovery, but new studies show the differences with laparoscopic hysterectomy to be minimal, while the cost is significantly higher.

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by Roni Caryn RabinTheNewYorkTimes, 25 Feb 2013

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Ex Pharmaceutical Industry Sales Rep Confessions

Ex Drug Rep — Manipulating Doctors

Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a very successful sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry working for health care giants including Johnson & Johnson, Syntex Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories and Forest Laboratories. Now her new work is dedicated to the memory of her niece and her mission is to stop the over-medication of our children. Gwen is the author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher and travels around the United States speaking to groups. In this video: Manipulating Doctors, Gwen talks about some of the tactics used by some pharmaceutical sales reps to get doctors to prescribe their drugs.

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Je suis un Poulet aux Hormones

Témoignage de Christine, Fille Distilbène

Témoignage fille distilbène : “Un gâchis énorme”

Inquiétudes, questions, souffrances, Christine Mascle, 51 ans, les a vécues et les vit encore. “Je suis un poulet aux hormones” résume-t-elle de manière joyeuse malgré les épreuves. Comme près de 160 000 enfants nés entre 1950 et 1977, Christine est une fille DES soumises in-utero à l’hormone de synthèse Distilbène®médicament prescrit aux femmes enceintes jusqu’à la fin des années 70 et sensé prevenir les fausses couches.

Lisez l’interview – “un gâchis énorme” sur La Depeche, paru le 07-06-2013, par Emmanuelle Rey

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

DES, one of the biggest Medical Disasters in History

Read @CaitlinMcWriter Interview by @JessAinscough , 2013

DES, one of the biggest Medical Disasters in History
It’s outrageous that more attention has not been paid to this subject by the medical community and the media says Caitlin McCarthy

In her  interview, Caitlin McCarthy shares what she has learnt about this shocking and completely devastating case of medical negligence, and how it affects her life and the lives of many just like her. Caitlin anwers:

  1. What is DES?
  2. Why is DES described as one of the biggest medical disasters in history?
  3. How is it that something like this – that so tragically affected millions of people – was allowed to happen? And why was it allowed to go on for so long?
  4. What is her connection to DES and how does being a DES daughter affect her body, health and life today?
  5. Is it possible that another medical disaster similar to this one could happen today? Are we any more protected?
  6. What about her film, Wonder Drug …
  7. Why she does what she does and why is it so important for her to spread this message?

Read DES, one of the biggest Medical Disasters in History
by Jess Ainscough, August 27, 2012 – More about Caitlin McCarthy

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First Baby born with new Eeva IVF Technology at Liverpool Womens Hospital UK

First Clinic in East England to Offer the Eeva Test

Ruth Carter, Mom, Gives Birth To First Baby Born Using Eeva IVF Technique
Eeva has not yet been approved by the FDA

The world’s first ever Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva test) baby was born last week at the Hewitt Fertility Centre at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital UK
Eeva system takes pictures of each embryo about every five minutes, and then intelligent software within the system can analyze the embryos based on those videos … to help predict whether an embryo is likely to carry on with development. While Eeva technology doesn’t predict which embryos will create a baby, it helps medical staff choose healthiest embryos for IVF treatment.

Sadly for many DES daughters having their own children is not possible! Many of us who have experienced miscarriages, want to have kids but are struggling or unable to…

Chemotherapy alternatives: new Cancer Tools allow Patients to reconsider harsh Cancer Treatments

Combination of new technology and more-targeted cancer drugs

A development stage biotechnology company is leading the way to a new approach to cancer treatment, adding years of survival and doing so without toxic side effects at lower cost than pricier new cancer drugs.

  • Video by IBTimesTV, Published on 2 May 2013

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  • After decades of using one-size-fits-all therapies to combat cancer, doctors are using new tools to help decide when their patients can skip chemotherapy or other harsh treatments. An approach to oncology that has been in place for decades is beginning to yield to an arsenal of long-term clinical studies, genetic tests and novel drugs that target cancer cells and their infrastructure.
  • Read Skip Chemo? New Cancer Tools Allow Patients To Reconsider Harsh Cancer Treatments
     HuffPost Healthy Living, 15 May 2013.
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Medication in Pregnancy, Pregnant Women and Prescription Drugs Statistics…

What’s an expectant mom to do?

Pregnancy and prescription drugs
FDA says that medicines taken during pregnancy result in 10% or more of birth defects

Statistics show about 90% of pregnant women in USA take at least one medication, and 70% take at least one prescription drug.

The Food and Drug Administration estimates medicines taken during pregnancy result in 10% or more of birth defects.

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Breast Cancer reconstructive Surgery

No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction

No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction
The choices to be made in breast construction, or whether to have it at all, are highly individual

While a recent article by Angelina Jolie about her mastectomy and reconstruction raised awareness, it may have left the impression that the surgeries are quick and easy procedures, some doctors fear… For more info about:

  • Types of Reconstruction
  • Simulating a Nipple
  • Bearing the Costs
  • Uncertain Results

Read: No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction
by Roni Caryn Rabin, TheNewYorkTimes, 20 May 2013

“Incurable Diseases” is it a Business?

The Documentary by Carla Sánchez

“Incurable Diseases; Is it a Business?” is an ambitious 90-minute documentary film, targeted for worldwide distribution, exposing the deceptive practices of the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies thus creating an open mind to alternative and complementary methods of healing to stop the progression of diseases like Cancer and disorders like Autism.

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Overall Incidence of Testicular Cancer on the Rise in the United States

Testis Cancer Rates Continue to Rise

Overall Incidence of Testicular Cancer on the Rise in the US
Testis cancer rates continue to rise

The incidence of testicular cancer has increased among American males over 15 years of age for more than 20 years and while overall incidence is still highest among Caucasian males, the greatest increase was observed in the Hispanic community, according to a new study at the 108th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association.

DES Action USA commented: ” Experts speculate prenatal estrogen exposures may be to blame.  All men – and especially DES Sons – should practice testicular self-exam regularly!

Read Testis Cancer Rates Continue to Rise
By Charles Bankhead, MedPage Today, May 07, 2013

Sources: American Urological Association, May 03, 2013