Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy linked to increased Risk of premature Death in Adult Offspring

The offspring of overweight mothers also have a higher risk of adverse outcomes

Maternal obesity is associated with an increased risk of premature death in adult offspring. As one in five women in the United Kingdom is obese at antenatal booking, strategies to optimise weight before pregnancy are urgently required.

  • Video by The BMJ, Published on 14 Aug 2013
  • Objectives:
    To determine whether maternal obesity during pregnancy is associated with increased mortality from cardiovascular events in adult offspring.
  • Design: Record linkage cohort analysis.
  • Setting:
    Birth records from the Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal databank linked to the General Register of Deaths, Scotland, and the Scottish Morbidity Record systems.
  • Population:
    37 709 people with birth records from 1950 to present day.
  • Main outcome measures:
    Death and hospital admissions for cardiovascular events up to 1 January 2012 in offspring aged 34-61. Maternal body mass index (BMI) was calculated from height and weight measured at the first antenatal visit. The effect of maternal obesity on outcomes in offspring was tested with time to event analysis with Cox proportional hazard regression to compare outcomes in offspring of mothers in underweight, overweight, or obese categories of BMI compared with offspring of women with normal BMI.
  • Results:
    All cause mortality was increased in offspring of obese mothers (BMI >30) compared with mothers with normal BMI after adjustment for maternal age at delivery, socioeconomic status, sex of offspring, current age, birth weight, gestation at delivery, and gestation at measurement of BMI (hazard ratio 1.35, 95% confidence interval 1.17 to 1.55). In adjusted models, offspring of obese mothers also had an increased risk of hospital admission for a cardiovascular event (1.29, 1.06 to 1.57) compared with offspring of mothers with normal BMI. The offspring of overweight mothers also had a higher risk of adverse outcomes.
  • Read the BMJ full study Maternal obesity during pregnancy and premature mortality from cardiovascular event in adult offspring: follow-up of 1 323 275 person years.

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Cervical Cancer Screening missed and Treatment neglected in low-Income Countries

Reproductive and Maternal Health in the Post-2015 Era: Cervical Cancer Must Be a Priority

Cervical cancer screening and treatment are neglected in low- and middle-income countries
Almost all women with cervical cancer are infected with HPV

In her Essay, Ruby Singhrao and colleagues from the University of California San Francisco, argue that the global health community is neglecting prevention, screening, and treatment for cervical cancer in low- and middle-Income Countries LMICs. They propose four arguments, each one illustrative of a larger framework that has equity and socioeconomic, gender, public health, and health services dimensions:

  • The Burden Falls on Women of Reproductive Age
  • Association with Reproductive Capacity
  • Cancer Prevention Can Be Integrated into HIV, Maternal Health, or Reproductive Health Services
  • HPV Vaccination Can Protect Girls from a Fatal Disease

They conclude that there exists feasible, affordable, and effective prevention options to make dramatic global reductions in cervical cancer incidence a realistic goal in our lifetime.

Read Cervical cancer screening and treatment are neglected in low- and middle-income countries, Medical News Today, 13 Aug 2013

Sources: Reproductive and Maternal Health in the Post-2015 Era: Cervical Cancer Must Be a Priority, PLOS Medicine, 13 Aug 2013

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Increase in Birth Defects with Topiramate and Valproate Drugs

14-fold increase in birth defects in those taking topiramate in pregnancy

UK Pregnancy Study Finds Slight Increase in Birth Defects with Topiramate
There was a 14-fold increase in birth defects in those taking topiramate with other antiseizure medications

Researchers in the United Kingdom reported in a study – Topiramate in pregnancy: preliminary experience from the UK Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register – an increase in birth defects among children born to mothers taking the antiseizure medications  valproate and/or topiramate (Topomax) – also widely prescribed in the US for migraine.

Read UK Pregnancy Study Finds Slight Increase in Birth Defects with Topiramate, Neurology Today, 2009.

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Breast Cancer: the Be Breast AWARE Poster

Everyone can be part of the cure

The Be Breast Aware Poster by @BCCampaign UK
Breast Cancer: be part of the cure, download @BCCampaign UK “Be Breast Aware” poster

For DES Daughters, and in the UK

Are the Headlines claiming that BPA is Safe correct? Probably Not…

Of BPA and EDCs: New Research, Same Flaws

BPA has been linked to a myriad of serious side-effects

Some media, medical and science marketers recently reported that Bisphenol-A exposure and risk were minimal… Hormone Matters – the blog where health and hormones makes sense – disagree, telling us to “look outisde of the box”, understand some of the BPA and endocrine disruptors hidden effects and/or irreversible transgenerational side-effects…

by Chandler Marrs, April 2013.

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DES DiEthylStilbestrol Resources

Vente de médicaments sur internet : rappel des consignes de sécurité

Les grandes lignes de la réglementation

Vente de médicaments sur internet : rappel des consignes de sécurité
La liste des sites autorisés figure sur le site du ministère –

La vente de médicaments sur internet a été récemment autorisée en France, en application d’une directive européenne de 2011. Marisol Touraine, ministre des affaires sociales et de la santé, a choisi d’encadrer, aussi strictement que la réglementation le permettait, ce mode particulier de distribution, pour éviter qu’il ne soit la porte ouverte à la contrefaçon et pour préserver l’accès à un conseil pharmaceutique

Ainsi, seuls peuvent être autorisés par l’agence régionale de santé compétente les sites exploités par des pharmacies physiques. De plus, seuls les médicaments non soumis à prescription médicale obligatoire sont autorisés à la vente par internet. Ces conditions strictes de vente garantissent une sécurité optimale pour les acheteurs.

La liste des sites autorisés figure sur le site du ministère de même que sur celui de l’ordre des pharmaciens. Les internautes sont donc invités à vérifier que le site sur lequel ils naviguent est au nombre des sites autorisés ; ils peuvent également s’assurer que figurent clairement sur le site les nom et prénom du pharmacien, les coordonnées de l’officine, son numéro de licence de même que le nom et l’adresse de l’agence régionale de santé dont dépend la pharmacie.

Il est rappelé que les achats de médicaments sur des sites non autorisés exposent les patients à des risques sanitaires. Les médicaments contrefaits, qui sont principalement écoulés par internet, sont dangereux car ils peuvent contenir des principes actifs en surdosage, sous-dosage ou des substances toxiques.

Le ministère des affaires sociales et de la santé fait ainsi preuve de la plus grande vigilance pour garantir la meilleure sécurité possible aux patients. ”

Les médicaments, en savoir plus:

Frozen embryos transfer leading to bigger, heavier, healthier Babies

Will these positive findings cut the number of multiple pregnancies from IVF?

IVF Babies From Frozen Embryos 'Healthier And Heavier' Claim Experts
There are a number of benefits of using frozen embryo transfer

A research by the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health found that frozen embryos are bigger, heavier (253g heavier than those born from fresh – on average)  and have better health as a result of longer pregnancies, giving the foetus more time to grow into a healthy birth weight than fresh embryos, which were born on average 0.65 weeks earlier.

Read IVF Babies From Frozen Embryos ‘Healthier And Heavier’ Claim Experts, by Kyrsty Jade Hazell, HuffPost Women, Jan 2012

Vaginal and Cervical Abnormalities, including CCA, related to PreNatal Exposure to Stilbestrol

In utero DES exposure associated with severe clear-cell adenocarcinoma in DES Daughters

Vaginal and cervical abnormalities, including clear-cell adenocarcinoma, related to prenatal exposure to stilbestrol
In utero exposure to Stilbestrol associated with severe clear-cell adenocarcinoma in DES Daughters

A variety of vaginal and cervical abnormalities have been encountered in the offspring of women who have taken stilbestrol or chemically related nonsteroidal estrogens during pregnancy.

Cervical erosion has been noted most often, but vaginal adenosis has been proven by biopsy in over 30 percent, and transverse vaginal and cervical ridges have been seen in approximately 10 percent of the exposed population. Although the use of these drugs had been widespread during the last two decades, the Registry of Clear-Cell Adenocarcinoma of the Genital Tract in Young Females has been able to collect only 170 cases of vaginal and cervical cancers of this type from all over the world.

It is important that cytologists and pathologists become familiar with the various non-enoplastic and neoplastic disorders related to these hormones in order that additional epidemiologic, clinical and pathological information be acquired without delay.

Sources: Vaginal and cervical abnormalities, including clear-cell adenocarcinoma, related to prenatal exposure to stilbestrolNCBI, Dr Herbst A, Jul 1974.

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Large numbers of People suffer, die unnecessarily due to Medical Science Distortions, @BenGoldacre

Ben Goldacre: Too many people die due to distortions in medical science
Follow @bengoldacre on Twitter

On Tuesday 2 Oct 2012,  Dr Ben Goldacre, Author, Doctor and Journalist, did an interview with Metro about his book Bad Pharma, why his is a big believer in ritual and why he goes to huge lengths to make sure what he says is correct.

Read Too many People die due to Distortions in medical Science

New Approach in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Ret inhibition decreases growth and metastatic potential of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells

New Approach in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
The spread of cancer and the number of metastases in the lungs can be reduced if the activity of the Ret enzymes in tumour cells is blocked

Scientists at the MedUni Vienna, in collaboration with a working group led by Nancy Hynes at the University of Basel, have discovered a new approach in the treatment of breast cancer: an international team involving the Clinical Institute of Pathology at the MedUni Vienna has been able to demonstrate the activation of a receptor, the Ret protein (Rearranged during transfection), on the surface of breast cancer cells. Increased levels of this protein are associated with a lower likelihood of survival for breast cancer patients.


We show that elevated levels of Ret receptor are found in different sub-types of human breast cancers and that high Ret correlates with decreased metastasis-free survival. The role of Ret in ER+ breast cancer models was explored combining in vitro and in vivo approaches. Our analyses revealed that ligand-induced Ret activation: (i) stimulates migration of breast cancer cells; (ii) rescues cells from anti-proliferative effects of endocrine treatment and (iii) stimulates expression of cytokines in the presence of endocrine agents. Indeed, we uncovered a positive feed-forward loop between the inflammatory cytokine IL6 and Ret that links them at the expression and the functional level. In vivo inhibition of Ret in a metastatic breast cancer model inhibits tumour outgrowth and metastatic potential. Ret inhibition blocks the feed-forward loop by down-regulating Ret levels, as well as decreasing activity of Fak, an integrator of IL6-Ret signalling. Our results suggest that Ret kinase should be considered as a novel therapeutic target in subsets of breast cancer.