A Dream come True

One Woman’s Story of Motherhood against the Odds

A dream come true
Kitty Alexander, mum to an amazing 8-yr old son conceived via donated embryo

Intended as a message of hope rather than a ‘how to’ book, A Dream Come True is the inspiring story of one woman’s path to motherhood via fertility treatment using a donated embryo.

Kitty Alexander describes the torment of not being able to have a child naturally, the other routes to parenthood she tried and considered and the process of her fertility treatment. She then moves on to describe the joy of pregnancy and birth, and to the way she has told her son the truth about his origins.

A Dream Come True includes the story she wrote for her son in which she explains everything to him. A deeply positive book, the author hopes it will inspire women who, like her, know what it is like to be faced with an unstoppable tide of longing to become a parent.

Author: DES Daughter

Activist, blogger and social media addict committed to shedding light on a global health scandal and dedicated to raise DES awareness.

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