Is Your Body Toxic?

An infographic by Time To Cleanse

In recent years, a surge of cleansing trends have emerged as the “cure all” for a number of health concerns and physical ailments. Skeptical consumers unaware of the benefits between these differentiating detox methods are bogged down with the age ole’ question: do they actually work?

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Detoxification – also known as “detox” – refers to the removal of toxic substances in the body with internal cleansing methods. Eliminating harmful toxic material of the body through cleansing is thought to:

– boost the immune system
– improve digestion
– prevent the onset of various health conditions
– promote good health
– generate positive mental feedback
– improve energy levels


There are seven “channels” of toxic elimination that occur during a cleansing process:
– lungs
– lymphatic system
– blood
– skin
– colon
– kidneys
– liver


Body cleansing is thought to have derived from the ancient Egyptian and Greek notion of “autointoxication”: a metabolic condition that results in unintentional, self-poisoning due to toxin buildup in the body. Preemptive cleansing measures were used to counteract the onset of this disorder.

Both biochemistry and microbiology supported detoxification processes in the 19th century, but these supported notions tapered off in popularity upon the turn of the 20th century.


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