15% of U.S. girls now believed to be experiencing precocious puberty

How Girls Are Developing Earlier In An Age Of ‘New Puberty’

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Puberty is changing for a segment of American girls, who may be nowhere near emotionally ready for bras, feminine hygiene products, or Spin the Bottle. And, it goes without saying, neither are their parents. That’s because these girls are as young as 7 and in second grade. Summer ! by Paul Falardeau.

In the past, only 5% of U.S. girls were believed to be experiencing precocious puberty, defined as the onset of breast and hair development in girls age 7 or younger. Their research indicates the figure is now closer to 15%, with a 27% showing breast development by age 8. Similarly, public hair is now appearing in 19% of American girls by age 8.

No one is exactly sure why precocious puberty in girls is on the rise. Higher obesity rates may be partially to blame. Exposure to estrogen and hormone-mimicking chemicals in plastics may also trigger early-onset development in girls. The use of antibiotics in animals in the food supply is also suspect. And race and genetics may play a factor, too... ”

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npr, DECEMBER 02, 2014.

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