What rules determines a treatment that a medical quiz would recommend?

With great power comes great responsibility

“It seems that no matter what I do, the quiz recommends the client’s drug as the best possible treatment. The only exception is if I say I’m allergic. Or if I say I am already taking it.” Bill Sourour.

Developers are often one of the last lines of defense against potentially dangerous and unethical practices.

We’re approaching a time where software will drive the vehicle that transports your family to soccer practice. There are already AI programs that help doctors diagnose disease. It’s not hard to imagine them recommending prescription drugs soon, too.

“Nothing that we were doing was illegal. In the end, I understood that the real purpose of the site was to push a particular drug.” Bill Sourour.

The more software continues to take over every aspect of our lives, the more important it will be for us to take a stand and ensure that our ethics are ever-present in our code.” 

Read The code I’m still ashamed of, on medium, Nov 13 2016. Code image by Thibault J.

Trans Day of Remembrance

80% of trans people have experienced domestic violence abuse

November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. We remember all who have lost their lives from acts of transphobic violence.

This event serves as a memorial, a protest, an opportunity for reflection and a chance to see old friends and meet new ones.


La santé environnementale au-delà du risque

Sciences sociales et santé, (Vol. 34) 2016/3


Sciences sociales et santé, (Vol. 34) 2016/3.

Page 5 à 18 – Introduction : la santé environnementale au-delà du risque ? Perturbateurs endocriniens, expertise et régulation en France et en Amérique du Nord.

Page 47 à 75Un précédent manqué : le Distilbène® et les perturbateurs endocriniens. Contribution à une sociologie de l’ignorance.


Le Distilbène a été identifié dès le début des années 1990 comme le premier perturbateur endocrinien, à partir duquel on peut anticiper les effets à long terme d’un grand nombre de substances chimiques sur la capacité reproductive humaine. Pourtant, l’histoire française du Distilbène® est celle d’oublis, de négligences et de refus d’apprentissage qui se répétèrent jusqu’au début des années 2010. Sur la base d’une enquête sociologique qualitative, cet article éclaire les différents mécanismes de production d’ignorance qui firent du Distilbène® un précédent manqué. Nous avons identifié trois processus complémentaires permettant de comprendre la marginalisation de ce dossier :

  1. l’absence d’identification des populations exposées,
  2. la faible accumulation et diffusion des connaissances,
  3. la singularisation durable du dossier.

Page 77 à 101 – Pollution et limites des corps : échelle des perturbations endocriniennes, genre et recours au droit par une communauté amérindienne du Canada.

Page 103 à 123 – La convergence entre santé humaine et santé environnementale : le toxaphène dans le lac Supérieur.

Page 125 à 130 – Note de lecture.

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

La Fille de Brest

Le combat d’Irène Frachon au cinéma, 2011

Dans “La Fille de Brest“, au cinéma le 23 novembre, Emmanuelle Bercot revient sur le scandale du Mediator, à travers les yeux d’Irène Frachon. La réalisatrice livre un grand film, mêlant thriller, enquête, médecine et drame humain.

En savoir plus
  • “La fille de Brest” : un témoignage exceptionnel, Prescrire, 29 novembre 2016
  • Irène Frachon : “Avec le Mediator, j’ai déterré un charnier”, lemonde, 20.11.2016.
  • Emmanuelle Bercot : “Le seul moteur d’Irène Frachon, c’est les victimes”, journaldesfemmes, 16/11/16.
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  • “La Fille de Brest”, le Mediator à travers les yeux du docteur Frachon, lemonde, 18.09.2016.
  • Mediator : Emmanuelle Bercot livre “le combat d’une femme hors du commun”, lemonde, 09.09.2016.

Estrogenic activity of water, sediment, and fish bile of the Pearl River, Southern China

Evaluation of estrogenic activity in the Pearl River by using effect-directed analysis


This study investigated estrogenic activity of water, sediment, and fish bile of the Pearl River in southern China by effect-directed analysis based on in vitro yeast screen assay and chemical analysis.

Results showed higher estradiol equivalents (EEQ) for surface water in dry season than in wet season. Simple risk assessment suggested that high estrogenic risk would be expected in Shima River and Danshui River receiving discharge of effluents from cities in the region. Fractionation and effect-directed analysis showed that estrogenic activity mainly occurred in relatively polar fractions of surface water.

Evaluation of estrogenic activity in the Pearl River by using effect-directed analysis, Environmental science and pollution research international, NCBI PubMed PMID: 27522204, 2016 Nov.

Pearl River by toyohara.

Seven target estrogenic compounds

  1. bisphenol A,
  2. 4-nonylphenol,
  3. 4-tert-octylphenol,
  4. 17α-ethynyl estradiol,
  5. estrone,
  6. diethylstilbestrol,
  7. and 17β-estradiol

only accounted for part of the measured estrogenic activity, with the rest contributions from other potential estrogenic chemicals such as phenols.

Findings from this study suggest that fish in the river could be affected by those estrogenic chemicals. Proper measures should be taken to reduce the estrogenic activity in wastewaters before they are discharged into the riverine system in order to protect aquatic organisms.

Allergy Exposure During Pregnancy Changes the Brain Make-Up of Offspring

Discovery could help explain links between maternal allergies and ADHD, autism

“This is evidence that prenatal exposure to allergens alters brain development and function and that could be an underappreciated factor in the development of neurodevelopmental disorders,”

said Kathryn Lenz, an Ohio State assistant professor of psychology.

A new study in rats could begin to explain why allergies during pregnancy are linked to higher risks for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism in children.

Researchers at The Ohio State University found significant changes in the brain makeup of fetuses and newborn rats exposed to allergens during pregnancy.

“We’re really interested in figuring out unknown factors in psychological disorders and in differences between male and female brain development as it relates to autism, ADHD and other disorders,”

Lenz said.

Animals that lived to adulthood after allergen exposure before birth showed signs of hyperactivity and antisocial behavior and decreased anxiety.

Though there are established links between allergies and ADHD and autism – as well as between inflammation and risk of autism, schizophrenia and ADHD – the cellular-level changes that could contribute to those connections largely remain a mystery.

Read Allergies during pregnancy contribute to changes in the brains of rat offspring, The Ohio State University, November 16, 2016.

Débat : Scandales des médicaments, à qui la faute ?

Les lobbies pharmaceutiques sont-ils les seuls responsables?

Reportage diffusé sur France 2 le mercredi 16 novembre 2016.
Julian Bugier organise le débat.

Ecoutez les interventions de Tifenn, Réseau DES France:

  1. de 16:35 à 25:05,
  2. de 46:15 à 47:35,
  3. de 48:20 à 49:00.
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Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Our Body’s Hormones and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Hormone Health Network animation to learn more about EDCs, 2016

Video published on 28 September 2016 by Hormone Health Network.

Endocrine disruptors, a broad category of toxic chemicals used in consumer products, electronics and agriculture, have been associated with a diverse array of health issues. These non-natural compounds or
mixtures of chemicals can mimic, block, or interfere with the way the body’s hormones work.

More Information

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The Milk We Drink, Food for Thought

Sex hormones of placental origin can be detected in cow milk in measurable levels


Milk and dairy products provide a steadily increasing share of total daily nutrition worldwide and are a readily available source of protein and calcium. Over 50% of the world’s population consumes milk or dairy products on a daily basis, which now constitutes 30%–50% of their daily calorie intake. Milk has become a staple food in northern Europe only in the last 70 years. Before then, rural milk production was widely prevalent but mainly intended to produce butter and cheese from the sour milk leftovers.


Fertility and Sterility, Volume 106, Issue 6, Pages 1310–1311, November 2016.

Milking Apparatus by pkohler.

Over the last century, cow milk and dairy products have become a major component of daily nutrition worldwide. Public health policies recommend high dairy consumption, of at least two to three dairy servings a day. The escalating cow milk market dictated a profound change in traditional dairy cow farming, and today modern milking continues during most of the gestation period. This strategy results in measurable levels of sex hormones of placental origin in commercially available cow milk. Whether milk-originated steroid hormones have biological significance to human health and reproduction is hotly debated. Dairy products, like other animal-based foods, contain bioactive substances, most of which are present in minute quantities. Several studies have suggested a correlation between high milk consumption and poor sperm quality as well as increased risk of prostate and testicular cancer. Well designed, interventional, properly controlled human studies are urgently needed to uncover the potential effects of such a popular food on human reproduction and health.

Rupture de stock de certains vaccins dans les pharmacies

Il ne reste plus sur le marché que des formules enrichies mais controversées

Vidéo publiée le 25 mars 2015 par la chaîne Pour des vaccins sans aluminium.

Dans les pharmacies, impossible de trouver du DT-Polio. Ce vaccin obligatoire pour les nourrissons est en rupture de stock en France.
Ainsi, il ne reste plus sur le marché que des formules enrichies mais controversées…

“Les laboratoires s’organisent pour que les parents n’aient plus le choix de choisir (…) Pour la Sécurité sociale ça coûte beaucoup plus cher car on passe de 6,50 euros le vaccin DTP à plus de 40 euros. Donc à qui profite le crime ? Aux laboratoires pharmaceutiques”

assure Michèle Rivasi, Députée Européenne.