A DES Daughter Story shared by Marci @Midlife2Wife, a Blogger’s Journey through #Cancer…

A DES Daughter story shared by Marci, a Writer and Media Relations Professional...

I never blamed my mother for what happened to me. Any blame to go around – and there was plenty – should have been distributed among the long parade of doctors who misdiagnosed me at every turn.

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6 thoughts on “A DES Daughter Story shared by Marci @Midlife2Wife, a Blogger’s Journey through #Cancer…”

  1. It’s such a travesty that so many women have been negatively affected – devastated! – by the careless use and distribution of this drug by medical “professionals”. My heart goes out to all DES daughters. I hope blogs like these help others find some solace and relief, not to mention, valuable information.
    kevin morrice

  2. Hi there
    I’m just getting back to my online life following a social media sabbatical. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your sharing my story on your blog.
    Peace and health,

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