A Sister’s Story of being a Surrogate Mother…

Part 2: Stacey’s Pregnancy

The ultimate gift – A sister’s story of being a surrogate - Stacey
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My name is Stacey. My sister and I have been close since the moment my parents brought her home from the hospital.
We went through the ups and downs of puberty, high school, college, and then marriage together… … My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a couple years on our own, and were disappointed that it wasn’t happening. Finally, I got pregnant but then miscarried. It was devastating.
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The ultimate gift – The other sister’s experience of the surrogacy journey
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Sadly for many DES daughters having their own children is not possible! Many of us who have experienced miscarriages, want to have kids but are struggling or unable to…

2 thoughts on “A Sister’s Story of being a Surrogate Mother…”

  1. I’ve, heard first hand of beautiful stories like this one. It is an incredible gift. It is one that can only be made at the right time by a person with the maturity to make that decision.

    I personally wish I hadn’t let the idea of social stigma stop me from doing this for a unknown loving couple when I was in my first job after Graduate School and burdened with School Loans. If I had made the attempt. I would have known about my own infertility twenty years earlier. I think it would have give me a chance to make different decisions. I know my husband and I would not have wasted money on infertility treatments but would have saved for adoption instead.

    Of course all of this is hindsight and that is much clearer than looking in the future. Hopefully, when we have foster kids living in our home we will feel differently about our lives and feel good about giving a home to children who need to be loved.

    I know that we need to be supported in our grief. And we found very very little to no support in our extended families. There has even been the secretive accusations that I caused my own infertility.

    We have of course turned toward the places where love and support are offered and have ignored the places where ignorance is the strongest motivator in the communication.

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