Almost half of all English population is now on prescription drugs

Half of women are taking an average of one prescription drug per week

Drugs bust: half of women are taking an average of one prescription drug per week.

Almost half of the English population is taking prescription medication: 50% of women and 43% of men in England are now regularly taking prescription drugs (one in the last week), with more than a fifth taking at least three separate drugs at the same time. Neither contraceptives nor smoking cessation drugs were included. Prescription drug use rise with age, with 70% of those aged 75 or over taking at least three prescribed medicine.

According to the survey , commonly prescribed medications included:

  • cholesterol-lowering statins
  • medications used to treat high blood pressure
  • painkillers, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • antidepressants: nearly one in five women on a low income areas are taking them.

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