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Six big problems, why they threaten the future of America

03. America_Today_600” There are a great many reasons to love America. For one thing, Freedom of Speech remains largely intact in the USA (although the FDA has struck a serious blow to the principle with its ongoing censorship of free speech about nutritional supplements). We also have a diverse culture of people who are by and large friendly people. This was brought home to me recently when I was traveling through the Gulf Coast region, talking to people on the street about the BP oil spill. Virtually everyone was friendly, and I found I could walk right up to all sorts of people — from the country fisherman in Biloxi Mississippi to the street-drumming entertainers in New Orleans — and they were all happy to chat. “

” America offers a lot to be thankful for, but there are also some serious problems that are eroding the very things that make America great. Those problems are the subject of Mike’s CounterThink Cartoon called America Today which portrays six of the most serious problems threatening America’s future. “

  1. Medicated Drivers
  2. Counterfeit Money Supply
  3. Zombie Population
  4. Washington Whores
  5. Gunpoint Medicine
  6. Toxic Food Supply

Read America Today by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who ” explains each of these six big problems and why they threaten the future of America as we know it. “

Dan Berger is Cartoonist behind Natural News.

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