An Autism Mom on a Mission

by Jane Kay, feat. Jill Escher “Autism Exposed” interview

An Autism Mom on a Mission
Jill Escher, Autism science and programs philanthropist, autism mom, businesswoman, author

Three years ago, Jill Escher had an epiphany, one that now consumes her waking hours and night time dreams. After prodding her mother for clues from her past, Jill discovered some hidden history: Her mother had sought help conceiving at a fertility clinic. As she grew in her mother’s womb, Jill was bombarded with synthetic hormones and other drugs.

Now Jill Escher‘s dogged quest to unravel why this happened to her children has drawn the attention of scientists, and may ultimately lead to a greater understanding of how prescription drugs — and perhaps chemicals in the environment — may secretly and subtly harm the health of generations to come. ”

  • From generation to generation
  • A personal quest
  • Critical exposure
  • More research needed
  • Family histories
  • Antidepressants under the scope

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by Jane Kay, 1 Oct 2013, feat. Jill Autism Exposed interview

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