Another Big Pharma Industry way to bypass EU pharmaceutical legislation in the UK?

UK Ministers have committed to finding new ways to ensure off-patent drugs could be prescribed to patients on the NHS

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The bill on medical innovation would allow doctors to search a database to find drug trials their patients might be eligible to join.

The UK government has thrown its weight behind a private member’s bill to encourage GPs and hospital doctors to try experimental medicines.

Cross-party support for controversial bill to allow doctors to search new database of drug trials despite alarm at risk of diluting safeguards.

UK life sciences minister George Freeman is supporting the bill on medical innovation, which was put forward by Chris Heaton-Harris and is being debated in the House of Commons on Friday.

The bill, which has some cross-party support, would allow doctors to search a database for drugs that are in trials or are licensed for a different use. Opponents are alarmed at any moves to potentially dilute safeguards; it comes shortly after public alarm following the death of one person and six others needing hospital treatment during a drugs trial in France earlier this month. ”

continue reading… Government backs wider access to experimental drugs,
the guardian, 29 January 2016.

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