Apple ResearchKit for iOS and new Health Apps aiming to boost Medical Research

With ResearchKit for iOS, Apple makes it much easier to join medical studies

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With Apple’s new ResearchKit, doctors can design apps that allow users to quickly and easily participate in medical studies. Image via Apple.

With iOS 8, Apple introduced HealthKit, a powerful tool that allows health and fitness apps on iPhone to work together. Over 900 apps have already been developed using HealthKit, transforming how we track, manage, and interact with our health.

The biggest challenge in medical research is that it takes so long to organize the studies but what if it could be done at the click of a button? With a user’s consent, ResearchKit can seamlessly tap into the pool of useful data generated by HealthKit — like daily step counts, calorie use, and heart rates — making it accessible to medical researchers. With ResearchKit, iPhone and iPad users will be able to search and sign up for specific medical studies on everything from Parkinson’s disease to diabetes, asthma to breast cancer.

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6 thoughts on “Apple ResearchKit for iOS and new Health Apps aiming to boost Medical Research”

  1. So is it your opinion that this is a good thing? I agree with your stance on #BigPharma, and I’m also concerned on how the information that would be collected will be used.

    1. I understand this will allow various future apps to collect their own data but only after a user’s consent. Of course it won’t help regarding how the data will be used and also which will be kept or not… This is why some campaigns like All Trials fight for all data to be registered and published…

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