Are you thinking about buying Medicine online?

Find out what the FDA recommendations are

The FDA has a campaign called BeSafeRx: Know Your Online Pharmacy to raise awareness of the dangers of buying medicines from fake online pharmacies and to provide resources to help US consumers buy safely.

Here is what the FDA highlights in one of their their videos

About buying Medicine online

  • You may get a fake drug, with the wrong ingredients
  • Your condition may get worse
  • You may experience a bad reaction

About learning how to be Safe

  • Identify signs of a fraudulent pharmacy
  • Get a prescription
  • Get to know your online pharmacy and only buy from a legal one
  • Take medicine as directed

Some thoughts

  • Although there are many legitimate online pharmacies, others aren’t licensed in the United States — and some aren’t pharmacies at all. So while buying prescriptions online can save time and even money, it’s important to be selective about which sites to use. Even though I think it is an important campaign as a DES Daughter victim of the biggest drug scandal, I just find it slightly ironic … Whether you buy online or offline, is taking prescription drugs ever safe? Think twice before taking any prescription drugs and be aware of all the side effects.
  • Watch our DES Videos in English Playlist on YouTube.

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