As a male, I was prenatally exposed to medically prescribed hormones…

Real Talk with The Cummings and Hugh Easton, 2016

Video published on 12 Apr 2016 by REALTALK W/The Cummings channel with DES Son Hugh Easton.

Can a drug manipulate gender identity?

Listen to what Hugh Easton has to say. We know many DES sons who can confirm that yes, it did happen.

” Among my first discoveries were that I have a type of body structure that’s usually associated with intersex conditions, and that I have symptoms of acute hypogonadism. Basically, my body doesn’t make enough testosterone. Then, I came across a passage in the book “Brain Sex”, about a pattern of very shy, socially withdrawn behaviour that was often seen in teenaged boys who’d been prenatally exposed to an artificial estrogen called DES. It was virtually a perfect match for my own teenage years.

Shortly after that, I joined an online group of DES sons. It was like walking into a disaster zone, with everyone in the group appearing to suffer from health problems of various kinds, including hypogonadism, and various intersex-related abnormalities. One of the first things I noticed was that it was supposed to be a group for DES sons, yet most of the people posting stuff were using women’s names! I later discovered that these people had actually been assigned male at birth… “

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