Assisted reproductive technology industry boom in India: government regulation is critically needed

Donor Deaths in India Highlight Surrogacy Perils

image of egg-and-stones
Two women have died from causes tied to their role as egg donors in India’s booming market for artificial reproduction. Advocates are pressing the government to publicize health warnings and pass regulations. Egg and stones  Ylva Staberg.

The tragic death of the young woman in the prime of her life is shocking, Sudha Sundararaman, vice president of the All India Democratic Women’s Association, told Women’s eNews in a phone interview. While there are laws in the country to prevent the sale of blood, there are no binding guidelines for such procedures related to assisted reproductive technology. With no monitoring of their impact on the health of women, most clinics just do as they please.

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WomensEnews, Swapna Majumdar, June 17, 2014.

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