Baby Brains may ‘Wake Up’ before Birth

Article: Baby Brains May 'Wake Up' Before BirthThe findings of this new study have implications for human baby development. One big question is how this brain activity, if it indeed occurs before birth in humans, might change when a baby is born prematurely. I take this opportunity to highlight that the DES daughters fortunate enough to get pregnant are at 368 percent higher risk for premature births …

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3 thoughts on “Baby Brains may ‘Wake Up’ before Birth”

  1. It is amazing to consider what babies might be thinking about before they are born. Whitehead, a philosopher I like, posits that they dream and emote, but that is with little evidence. If true, that would add empirical evidence to his theory of knowledge.

  2. This goes back to playing music for the baby because it is known to stimulate the brain and help soothe. I know I did when I was pregnant and my daughter loves music. She played an instrument in the band when she was in middle school, and then several in high school and it helped her math scores. Does this go back to me playing music back when she was developing? Good question.

  3. It’s funny, too, how things can go full circle. After my father-in-law had a catastrophic stroke, the doctors said his awareness would be very much like that of a baby. They described it as totally in the moment, no sense of past or future, mainly responding to sensations. Of course, I have no idea how they could really know!

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