Behavioral and somatic Disorders in Children Exposed in Utero to Synthetic Hormones

A Testimony-Case Study in a French Family Troop, 2012

Behavioral and Somatic Disorders in Children Exposed in Utero to Synthetic Hormones: A Testimony-Case Study in a French Family Troop
French study reveals serious DES psychological side effects in DES Daughters and DES Sons

Using a familial case control study, Marie-Odile Soyer-Gobillard – former director emeritus at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) – and Charles Sultan show that there are serious effects on the psychological and physical health of the descendants of women treated with synthetic hormones during their pregnancy: psychiatric illnesses are often found associated with somatic disorders which are well known to be the DES and EE signature. Synthetic hormones, acting as endocrine disturbers, are toxic for humans, especially for pregnant women and their children, probably partly in relation with their toxic degradation status. In all cases girls suffered more than boys either of somatic and/or psychiatric disorders due to the estrogen receptor alpha or beta concentration higher in female fetus than in male. It is also clear that in all the families most of the exposed children are ill while quite the unexposed are not.

2012 Study Overview:

  • Materials and methods: Gathering questionnaires and the evidence
  • Results / Data Analysis / Discussion
  • A multi-generational effect? By what mechanism?
  • Conclusion

Read Behavioral and Somatic Disorders in Children Exposed in Utero to Synthetic Hormones: A Testimony-Case Study in a French Family Troop by Marie-Odile Soyer-Gobillard, Charles Sultan (2012), Dr. Sameh Magdeldin (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0772-9, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/48637.

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12 thoughts on “Behavioral and somatic Disorders in Children Exposed in Utero to Synthetic Hormones”

  1. Maybe that explains all the strep and pneumonia I’ve had, as well as all the other stuff that’s gone wrong. Interesting study.

  2. I have been extremely interested in the work of Marie Gobillard and have been eagerly awaiting the results of her work. These results are tragic and there is certainly merit in questioning further across DES communities worldwide. I strongly suspect this kind of issue would go largely unnoticed by DES Action groups – for example, why would anyone make the link to psychological disturbances and make effort to mention it, let alone get over the stigma of mentioning it. Once again, thank you Domino for relaying this information.
    Carol Devine

    1. Hi Carol, I’m glad you find this study of interest. The results are indeed very disturbing and upsetting. I hope they will be shared by other DES Action Groups and individuals to help raise awareness of the tragic yet unknown side effects of DES in particular and endocrine disruptors in general. The work that the non-profit organization Hhorages is doing is of critical importance and must be highlighted and acknowledged by the medical community and brought to the attention of the general public.

  3. While I fully sympathize with the case for DES daughters, I can’t help but comment that, yet again, the problems of DES sons are completely overlooked. The incidence of transgenderism as a result of in-utero exposure to DES / endocrine disruptors cannot be ignored. Nor can the high suicide rates among such individuals. Physically, issues such as hyperogonadism, undescended testicles and lack of male secondary sexual development can be directly attributed to DES. While such affected individuals often exhibit IQs that are well above average, they usually experience a lifetime of split sexual personality accompanied by depressive or bipolar conditions that can easily result in suicide. Equally, such individuals, particularly later in life, often suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis and immune system problems such as RA.

    1. Hi Bill and thanks for sharing your opinion. *where* are the DES Sons *completely* overlooked *again* ? On this blog, we have a whole section full of DES Sons posts … If you read Marie-Odile Soyer-Gobillard study (I only published an excerpt) she says ” Among the 20 affected are 14 girls and 6 boys. … Of the 6 boys, 4 presented psychiatric disorders, 2 psychiatric and somatic, and none with somatic disorder only. It is clear overall that disorders in girls are more numerous than in boys. ” further she says ” For boys among somatic disorders associated or not with psychiatric disorders (on a total of 80 boys), we have counted 28 cryptorchidia, 22 hypospadias, 14 sterility, azoospermia or semen abnormalities, 12 cancers or others, 4 micropenis. (Figure 5). ” The author (a DES Mother with two children) also gives a testimony that both her DES Daughter and DES Son committed suicide in that video. Hope this helps… cheers

  4. Very interesting, but very sad that what was done in the past became the present affecting the future for these victims and their families.
    24/7 in France

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