Big Pharma’s Manipulation and Influence

Truth in Media, 4 Part Series, on Big Pharma Manipulation of Healthcare

Ben Swann Truth in Media – Original Air Date: June-July, 2016.

All 4 parts of Ben Swann’s Truth in Media series about Big Pharma.

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  • When it comes to providing transparency and following proper procedure in protecting the health of the American people:
    • where does the FDA stand?
    • has the FDA maintained its integrity in maintaining oversight of drug companies?
    • is the FDA doing its job to the best of its ability in assuring that our medicines have been rigorously tested?
    • is the FDA making sure that drugs found to be dangerous are assigned proper warnings or removed from the market?
  • New Truth In Media Episodes: Confronting Big Pharma’s Manipulation, Influenc, Truth In Media, Jun 7,, 2016.
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