Medical Informatics Bioinformatics Infographic

How Computer Science is changing Biology.

How computer science is changing medicine and prediction of disease

Bioinformatics is the careful application of computers and statistics to the field of biology. Infographic via @NJIT

As you probably know, Angelina Jolie recently had a second preventive procedure due to her carrying the BRCA1 gene variant which raises the risk of developing breast cancer by over 55%, and ovarian cancer by almost 40%.

Such news has sparked a dramatic increase of interest in both bioinformatics and specialized genetic testing.

This important infographic created by NJIT’s Computer Science program, explains Bioinformatics as well as highlights breast cancer genetic risk testing in particular. Find more about the Amount of Data Generated Today, Benefits of Bioinformatics, Existing Bioinformatics Projects and Personal Genomics Companies.

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