Breast Cancer: Are You Breast AWARE?

Ten easy steps to become fully breast aware

Follow these ten easy steps, be Breast AWARE

Are you Breast Aware?
Ten easy steps to become fully Breast AWARE – @BCCampaign
  1. Know what is normal for you
  2. Look and feel your breasts (upper chest and armpits too) – see the Shower Self-Exam
  3. Know what changes to look for (signs and symptoms)
  4. Report any changes without delay to your GP
  5. Make sure you attend breast screening if you’re 50 or over and – since 40 for DES Daughters.
  6. Take the Breast Cancer Awareness Quiz.
  7. Download the Breast Cancer Awareness Poster.
  8. Download Your Man Reminder free app by Rethink Breast Cancer on iTunes today – watch the video
  9. Visit BreastCancerCampaign website, blogFacebookTwitter
  10. BreastCancerCampaign Glossary – all our Breast Cancer posts

For DES Daughters, and in the UK

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