Can a Drug manipulate Gender Identity?

Certain doctors and researchers and those in the community believe the DES drug can make a person transgender

Video published on 24 May 2016 by DES Daugther Network channel via Dion Lim 5/6/11pm weeknight anchor/reporter at WTSP/CBS .

It was a pill meant to prevent miscarriages…

Can a drug manipulate gender identity asks Dion Lim?
Well, I know many DES sons who can confirm that yes, it did happen.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Drug manipulate Gender Identity?”

  1. I am 57 and known since I was 5 I was in the wrong body. I found out a month ago from a brother who I parted ways over 20 years ago due to family issues, that he is now a she. Not just a transgender like me, but an intersexed trans who was born male and had the same feeling as I did, yet we never shared any of who were felt we are/ She was confirmed that she is XXY and has ovaries . Our famil is all deceased and there is no one to ask, but due to the years we were born, that fact out mother got pregnant right after I was born….We both feel DES was the cause of who we are today.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with our readers. We hope the studies we republish can answer some of the questions you might have. Best wishes.

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