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EU prepares tougher Drug recall Standards

Lapse with Servier’s Mediator and PIP breast implants lead to new rules

EU prepares tougher drug recall standardsIn another response to questionable oversight by drug regulators in Europe, the EU is looking at more stringent regulations for requiring drug manufacturers to recall products.

It’s about time…
Read: EU prepares tougher drug recall standards
by Eric Palmer, May 2012

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‘Cancer Risk’ of Miscarriage Drug… a 2006 Study

Women who were exposed to DES must ensure they have regular breast checks, and be careful about using hormone replacement therapie

Daughters of mothers who took the drug DES during their pregnancies may have a higher risk of breast cancer as they get older, but this does not mean that they will definitely develop the disease.


Women whose mothers used an anti-miscarriage drug in pregnancy have double the risk of breast cancer than others their age, a US study suggests.

Read Cancer risk of miscarriage drug
BBC News August 2006.

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Interview with June Stoyer

The Interview

The Journey

Read more about DES Daughter  Domino’s journey

DES Sons – the Truth and the Unknown

DES is a drug tragedy not only for women but for men too.
Yet, far less research on the devastating health effects of DES has been carried out on men.

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Pap smears – Letter of the Day, March 2012

Awareness is the Key!

Letter of the Day : Pap smears

I will continue having an annual Pap smear, as specifically stipulated in the fine print of the screening recommendations, because of my increased risk for cervical/vaginal cancer… … We all must remain aware of changing medical guidelines in order for each of us to advocate for — and receive — the care we need to protect our health. Awareness is the key.

StarTribune Letters | Letter of the Day (March 18, 2012) | Pap smears

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Breast Cancer: Risks, Myths and Controversy

Breast cancer: Risks, myths and controversy

For women there are genuine risks that you may think you can’t control. There are also myths and controversy about what causes the disease.
The hormone DES (diethylstilbestrol) also raises the chances of cancer of the breast.

Read Breast cancer: Risks, myths and controversy
by Kathleen Blanchard RN, October 2012

The Rise of Big Meat-bred super Bugs

2012 was bringing bad news for people who don’t want “free antibiotics” in their food

The rise of Big Meat-bred super bugs

Despite the public health risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the lobbyist-swayed FDA keeps easing regulations

!!!! Simply shocking …!
The FDA is once again failing at protecting public health … Please can someone remind me what the FDA’s role and responsibilities are?

Read The rise of Big Meat-bred super bugs
by Martha Rosenberg, Jan 31, 2012.

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