The Pump Handle: Public Health Classic: DES Daughters

Public Health Classic: DES Daughters
The Pump Handle

DES Daughters” post is part of  The Pump Handle’s new “Public Health Classics” series exploring some of the classic studies and reports that have shaped the field of public health.

Includes a well deserved recognition for DES Action USA who has been around to support DES victims in the States for four decades. Please support their work!


Now at script stage ; inspired by the DES tragedy


Now at script stage : winner and nominee in over 20 international film festival screenplay competitions and labs (including the prestigious Hamptons Screenwriters Lab , Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and set in Boston, Massachusetts, WONDER DRUG is inspired by the true story of the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol), seen as a medical miracle to help women with pregnancy issues and one of the first cash cows for pharmaceutical companies ; but which was in fact a toxic, carcinogenic drug and one of the biggest medical disasters in history, affecting millions of people worldwide.

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Written by: Caitlin McCarthy.

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Boites de Distilbène bleu et rouge, commercialisé par UCB Pharma

distilbene medicine
Boites de Distilbène bleu et rouge, commercialisé par UCB Pharma

DES was sold under many names including Distilbène®, Stilbetin®, Stilboestrol-Borne®, Benzestrol®, Chlorotrianisene®, Estrobene® and Estrosyn® to name just a few. Many different companies manufactured and marketed this drug under more than 200 different brand names.

See the Distilbène® blue and red boxes image on Flickr Diethylstilbestrol DES on Flickr icon , courtesy of Réseau DES France.

More: Distilbène® on Scoop it – Distilbène® on YouTube

The FDA and Enrofloxacin

FDA Denies Petition to Ban Certain Antibiotics

FDA Denies Petition to Ban Certain Antibiotics

To the dismay of consumer and sustainable agriculture advocates, the Food and Drug Administration rejected two petitions to ban certain antibiotics from being used in food animal production.

In its response to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the FDA cited the withdrawal of diethylstilbestrol DES in 1979, which took a full seven years to complete, and the withdrawal of enrofloxacin in poultry, which took almost five years and cost FDA approximately $3.3 million. Read more : ” FDA Denies Petition to Ban Certain Antibiotics “.

How Drug Companies mislead Doctors and harm Patients

Edited extract from “Bad Pharma”

Pharmaceutical companies deliberately mislead doctors into prescribing useless and even harmful meds
The shocking truth about the drugs that doctors prescribe

Pharmaceutical companies deliberately mislead doctors into prescribing useless and even harmful meds ” which contains a long excerpt from Ben Goldacre‘s forthcoming book, Bad Pharma: How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients

Where are the lessons learned from the DES drug tragedy?

Team DES Action USA

Non-profit consumer org providing health information for DES-exposed individuals


The mission of DES Action USA is to identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES-exposed individuals as well as educate health care professionals.

Company Overview

DES Action USADES Action USA is the only national, non-profit organization for those who were exposed to DES. They provide education, and advocate for continued research into the health concerns of DES Mothers, DES Daughters, DES Sons and now DES Grandchildren. They have about 2,000 members and hope you consider joining to support their work. Those of us in the DES community must take care of ourselves because no one else will do it for us!


An estimated 5-10 million Americans were exposed to the “anti-miscarriage” drug diethylstilbestrol (DES). It has tragically caused cancers, infertility and other health problems.

Contact info

Phone +1 800-337-9288

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DES Daughter on kloutKlout began with a very simple idea: Everyone has influence—the ability to drive action. Klout built on this idea to show anyone how he or she can influence the world and its future.

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Moi, Stephanie

Moi, Stéphanie, Fille Distilbène is a French book written by a DES Daughter published in 2010.

Stephanie created a French Forum for DES exposed daughters ” Les Filles DES “.

See Stephanie’s book on Flickr and on Pinterest.
Watch Distilbène® videos on YouTube.

The lack of transatlantic communication

INSIGHT-In PIP implant Scandal

INSIGHT-In PIP implant scandal, a ragged safety net exposedThe lack of transatlantic communication is just one problem highlighted by the PIP Breast Implant scandal

Really? Nothing new then! … back in 1971 the FDA issued a warning about DES for pregnant women … in France Distilbene continued to be prescribed to pregnant women until 1977! … Now with the PIP scandal, France reacted 10 years after the FDA … !!!! This is just insane and shocking! When will they learn? Read the post ” INSIGHT-In PIP implant scandal, a ragged safety net exposed “.

Safe Chemicals Act

Congress takes a key first step to reform our toxic chemicals law for the first time in almost 40 years

Safe Chemicals Act passes in Senate committeeHistory was made last July as the Safe Chemicals Act was voted on for the first time in 36 years, and it passed in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. This Act should give the Environmental Protection Agency the tools it needs to keep dangerous chemicals out of our products.

Read the post ” Safe Chemicals Act passes in Senate committee “, mnn, July 25, 2012.