Pregnancy Drug raises Cancer Concerns

Pregnancy Drug Diethylstilbestrol Raises Cancer Concerns

Pregnancy Drug Diethylstilbestrol Raises Cancer ConcernsIt makes me mad too that so few people have heard of DES! and so angry when people who should know like doctors and gynecologists don’t have a clue and make you feel as if it is all in your head !!!

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by Charles Benson

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DES Daughters, the Book

Embodied Knowledge and the Transformation of Women’s Health Politics

In DES Daughters, Susan Bell recounts the experiences of this generation of DES-victims. In moving, heartfelt narratives, she presents the voices of those women who developed cancer, those who were cancer-free but have concerns about becoming pregnant, and those who suffered other medical and/or reproductive difficulties.

What Bowdoin Books says

image of DES Daughters, the BookSusan Bell‘s book tells a story about women who attained legendary status in the annals of medicine. They were exposed prenatally to what was promoted as a benign and exciting new wonder drug prescribed to millions of American women to prevent miscarriage from the 1940s to the 1970s. This new reproductive technology—the synthetic estrogen DES— proved to be ineffective in preventing miscarriage, and in the long run it has had profound and damaging consequences for children, especially daughters of the women for whom it was prescribed (Dieckmann et al. 1953; Giusti, Iwamoto, and Hatch 1995). In 1971, medical scientists observed an association between prenatal exposure to DES and a rare form of vaginal cancer (clear cell adenocarcinoma) in women under age twenty; using available medical categories, they identified this synthetic estrogen as the first “transplacental carcinogen” (Herbst, Ulfelder, and Poskanzer 1971). “DES Daughters”, as these women are now called, are also at risk for poor reproductive outcomes, including ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature birth, and stillbirth (Giusti, Iwamoto, and Hatch 1995). Almost forty years later, DES-related cancer remains rare, but reproductive tract problems—including menstrual irregularities, poor reproductive outcomes, and structural or cellular anomalies—are common among DES Daughters. ” Sources: Bowdoin Books

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BPA Exposure

Pregnancy imageExposure to artificial estrogens such as BPA and DES can change the way the fetus responds to estrogen later in life and may be associated with breast cancer” says Dr. Hugh Taylor, director of the Yale Center for Reproductive Biology.

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Prescription drugs with fewer side-effects…

Think twice before taking any prescription drugs…

DES did not cure anything, but it had and continues to have devastating side effectsThink twice before taking any prescription drugs.

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DES, Drug of the Past?

Risks for DES exposed daughters compared to non-exposed
Is DES a drug of the past?

Not really, check out the chart highlighting today’s increased health risks…

Read Women exposed to Diethylstilbestrol in the Womb face increased Cancer Risk from the NIH/National Cancer Institute,
October 6, 2011

Distilbene 1mg by Gerda

Did your mum take DES? This Distilbene 1mg drug box image could help you ask and find out…

Distilbène1mgDid your mum take DES?
This Distilbene 1mg drug box image could help you ask and find out…
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Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Alan Turing Cyber-Legacy praised by GCHQ Director

Iain Lobban said there were “enduring lessons” to be drawn from the work of Alan Turing

Alan Turing image

Alan Turing was arrested on 7 February 1952 for his affair with a young man.

He was obliged to undertake injections of DES (stilboestrol in the UK) intended to render him asexual…

He only became famous decades after his death. GCHQ director Iain Lobban said there were “enduring lessons” to be drawn from the work of Alan Turing.

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DES Tragedy, who is to blame?

I definitely think the wrong persons are blaming themselves. But who is to blame for the DES tragedy? Doctors who continued to prescribe the drug despite warnings about its side effects? The FDA who did not ban it and today recognizes the DES tragedy but refuses to apologize to the victims? The pharmaceutical companies who heavily promoted DES use to doctors? Governments who failed to protect the health of their citizens when health warnings were issued? Am I missing someone? something? So many questions remain unanswered. Surely this drug scandal could have been avoided like many others such as Thalidomide (the sedative drug introduced in the late 1950s and withdrawned in 1961 due to teratogenicity and neuropathy). Surely other people than the DES victims should feel guilt and should not be sleeping well at night!

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IndyOnSunday Front Page

“Silent Thalidomide” the Secret Killer: Ten of thousands of British woment in pregnancy drug scare

The Independent on Sunday UK, front page, January 22, 2012

Your DES Daughter interview in 2012.
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