Primodos hormone pregnancy test drug tragedy : what exactly is being covered-up ?

Westminster Hall, 23 April 2019

Is it the legal side involving the NHS, is it the pharma industry influence on the official report, on the MHRA, is it the government wrongdoing, or is it a bit of everything that is being covered-up ?

Sir Mike Penning MP argues that the Expert Working Group review on Primodos was a “cover-up”. Reference.

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Right To Harm (Film)

New Film Captures the Brutal Reality of Living Near Factory Farms

“Right to Harm” takes viewers into the lives of those fighting the impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in communities across the nation.

An exposé on the public health impact of factory farming across the United States, told through the eyes of residents in five rural communities. When pushed to their limit, these citizens turned activists band together to demand justice.

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Why Was the Primodos Drug Withdrawn in The UK ?

Westminster Hall, 23 April 2019

“…attempts have been made to shift the blame on to women, to say that they did not want to be pregnant and used the tablet as an attempt to abort”.

Yvonne Fovargue MP reminds us that the hormone pregnancy test drug was not withdrawn for commercial reasonsReference.

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Did Bayer Schering use Millions of Women as Guinea Pigs for Profit ?

Westminster Hall, 23 April 2019

“1.5 million women, were treated as human guinea pigs for the pursuit of profit by the company Schering now Bayer”.

Hannah Bardell MP uses strong words such as “a criminal cover-up“, and reminds the minister and the government that the HPT drugs campaigners, MPs and primodos-victims are not going away… Reference.

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Why Not Use Meta-Analysis to Assess Primodos Evidence ?

Westminster Hall, 23 April 2019

Gordon Marsden MP calls for Expert Working Group / MHRA’s to use meta-analysis to assess evidence.

Gordon Marsden MP questions Expert Working Group / MHRA’s reluctance to use latest systematic review and meta-analysis to assess evidence, pointing out that the method is widely used by organisations including most recently by NICE and others through out the world. Reference.

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Primodos Drug and The MHRA : MP Yasmin Qureshi’s Request

Yasmin Qureshi MP asked for a fully independent assessment of Carl Heneghan’s systematic review and meta-analysis

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Des Parents Victimes du Distilbène en Procès contre UCB Pharma

JT 19/20 Pays de la Loire, 16 Avril 2019.

Sylvie et son époux Loïc sont les parents d’un enfant lourdement handicapé, en cause, le Distilbène.

La famille Le Cossec entame un troisième procès contre le laboratoire UCB Pharma : ils veulent être reconnus comme “parents-victimes“.

Distilbène : un couple veut être reconnu comme “parents victimes”

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Primodos Pregnancy Drug Evidence : Marie Lyon’s Story

Primodos linked to birth defects, SkyNews interview, Nov 2018

Campaigner Marie Lyon talks about her daughter’s birth defects after taking the drug Primodos.

  • Reference : @SkyNews, 7:19 PM, 27 Nov 2018.

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The 30-year fight for breast implant safety

Breast implants are 60 years old, and we are still fighting about whether they are safe or not

Sybil Goldrich and Jamee Cook both suffered after getting breast implants, Sybil in 1983 and Jamee in 1998. Together, they are fighting regulators to get more information to people considering getting breast implants.

ICIJfights corruption with the world’s best cross-border watchdog journalism by over 160 investigative reporters in 60+ countries. The home of Offshore Leaks.”

Jeremy Hunt Statement Over the Primodos Scandal and Valproate

Hunt: “Immediate action” will be taken, House of Commons, Feb 2018

The health secretary outlines the “immediate actions” that will be taken following the public scandals involving the pregnancy drug Primodos and epilepsy drug valproate.

  • Reference : @SkyNews, 1:16 PM, 21 Feb 2018.

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