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Le Sketch sur la Mammographie vue par Michèle Bernier

Extrait du spectacle de Michèle Bernier “Même pas une ride”.

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Drug Advertising Tactics

About misleading claims, indirect marketing, and disease mongering

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Autism: Susan Boyle’s Relief at discovering that she has Asperger’s Syndrome

Singer reveals she was diagnosed a year ago and now feels “relieved and a bit more relaxed about myself”

Susan Boyle: my relief at discovering that I have Asperger's
“I think people will treat me better because they will have a much greater understanding of who I am and why I do the things I do” says Susan Boyle

As Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle’s extraordinary career continues, the singer reveals for the first time that she has Asperger’s syndrome (AS), a high-functioning form of autism.

Thinking she had a more serious illness – Susan had been misdiagnosed after complications at birth and carried the “label” brain damaged throughout her life – she went to seek another diagnosis from a Scottish specialist. Susan now feels relieved and a bit more relaxed about herself.

A Healthy Baby Girl

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A Healthy Baby Girl
A Healthy Baby Girl, a 1996 Film by Judith Helfand

A Film by
Judith Helfand
1996, 57 minutes,
Color, 16mm/DVD

In 1963 Judith’s mother was prescribed the ineffective, carcinogenic synthetic hormone diethylstilbestrol (DES), meant to prevent miscarriage and ensure a healthy baby.

At twenty-five, Judith was diagnosed with DES-related cervical cancer. After a radical hysterectomy she went to her family’s home to heal and picked up her camera. The resulting video-diary is a fascinating exploration of how science, marketing and corporate power can affect our deepest relationships.

Shot over five years, A Healthy Baby Girl tells a story of survival, mother-daughter love, family renewal, and community activism. Intimate, humorous, and searing, it is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the relationship between women’s health, public policy, medical ethics and corporate responsibility. Watch the video trailer.

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Breast Cancer: Patti Neighmond reports about DES Daughters

DES Daughters and their Cancer Risk

Award-winning journalist Patti Neighmond is NPR’s health policy correspondent. Her reports air regularly on NPR newsmagazines All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Weekend Edition.

Patti reported about DES on 08 August 2006, following a “new” study showing that daughters of women who took the pregnancy drug DES, a synthetic estrogen, have a higher risk of developing breast cancer after age 50. Click here to read the story.

DES and Breast Cancer

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Science Weekly @AlokJha @GuardianScience Interview: Dr @BenGoldacre exposes Bad Pharma #SoundCloud

Alok Jha, Science correspondent at the Guardian and BBC TV presenter, speaks with Campaigner, Writer, Dr Ben Goldacre about his investigation into the pharmaceutical industry and his book Bad Pharma.

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Find out about the DES Drug tragedy

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Distilbène, Mon Fils n’aura Jamais son Bac

Sylvie Le Cossec avait une carrière internationale toute tracée, avant queque sa vie soit ravagée par le Distilbène

Communiqué de Presse

Distilbène, Mon Fils n'aura Jamais son Bac
Préface du docteur Irène FRACHON

Femme indépendante et brillante à la carrière internationale toute tracée, Sylvie Le Cossec nous raconte comment sa vie a été ravagée par le Distilbène, cette hormone de synthèse prescrite à sa mère pour lui éviter les fausses couches et qui s’est sournoisement immiscée dans son corps et celui de ses enfants.

Deux grossesses pathologiques, un fils polyhandicapé à la vie dévastée, une carrière internationale stoppée, une vie de couple bouleversée, un cancer de l’utérus, un quotidien difficile à gérer…

Ce livre est son histoire, le récit d’une enfance, d’une adolescence, d’une vie pas comme les autres avec en filigrane le distilbène.

Une longue confidence, un tête à tête sincère, intime et exclusif dans lequel tous les sujets seront abordés sans aucun tabou.

Préface du docteur Irène FRACHON, pneumologue de renom au CHU de Brest, à l’origine du scandale du MEDIATOR. Elle soutient également la cause des « filles DES », sensibilisée à la face sombre de cette hormone de synthèse et aux drames en résultant .A l’instar du MEDIATOR se profile, à travers le DISTILBENE, « le spectre de la pharmacodélinquance et les mécanismes de ce que l’on nomme la criminalité à col blanc ».

Contacts média

Catherine GARRUCHO +33 06 64 37 74 87

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Extended Interview with Dr Ben Goldacre on SoundCloud

Guardian Science Weekly

Alok Jha, Science correspondent at the Guardian and BBC TV presenter, speaks at length with Campaigner, Writer, Dr Ben Goldacre about his investigation into the pharmaceuticals industry and his book Bad Pharma.

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Find out about the DES Drug tragedy

Have you heard “The Journey of a DES Daughter”?

Your @DES_Journal Interview by @TheOrganicView is on @SoundCloud

Recorded radio interview by The Organic View, with host, June Stoyer joined by your DES Daughter Domino talking about her journey.

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