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The film in development, WONDER DRUG was so very close to winning public votes in a survey by Indiewire. The winning margin was only 3% …

As Carole Devine said: “Thank you to everyone who voted. We are all supportive of screen writer and DES daughter, Caitlin McCarthy in her quest for Wonder DRUG to make it to the big screen.”

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Le Distilbène DES, interdit en France en 1977, six ans après les Etats-Unis d’Amérique!

A lire surtout si votre mère ou grand-mère s’en sont vues prescrire pendant leur grossesse…

Le Distilbène DES, interdit en France en 1977, six ans après les Etats-Unis d'Amérique !Connaissant les risques auxquels avec le DES ils exposaient les femmes – au moins sur une génération – les pouvoirs publics l’ont autorisé et des médecins l’ont largement prescrit pendant 5 à 12 ans dans ces 7 pays…

Le DES fut arrêté chez les femmes enceintes :

  • en 71 aux USA.
  • en 76, soit 5 ans après ! au Canada.
  • en 77, soit 6 ans après ! en France, Autriche, Pays-bas.
  • en 78, soit 8 ans après ! en Australie.
  • en 81, soit 11 ans après ! en Italie.
  • en 83, soit 12 ans après ! en Hongrie.

Utilisé par le suite comme “pilule du lendemain“, il est encore utilisé en Afrique pour provoquer un avortement (2013).

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus

Fess-Up on DES: The Petition

Money won’t buy our silence!

Fess-Up on DES @LillyPad #EliLilly ! See on Pinterest and Sign @Royallgal #Petition to #KeepLillyHonest

My mum was prescribed DES in 1970. Eli Elly, and all drug manufacturers in the USA and in countries such as France and the UK where DiEthylStilbestrol continued to be prescribed well after the FDA issued a warning regarding the DES cancer link, should be condemned and should be forced to pay research for DES victims including the third generation (children of DES daughters). Money won’t buy our silence! Fess up on DES and take responsibility!

Signed #473: DES Daughter Network.

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A DES Daughter’s Testimonial Makes Top Story on Hormones Matter Blog

DES – The Drug to Prevent Miscarriage Ruins Lives of Millions

DES Daughter Testimonial Makes Top Story on Hormones Matter Blog
Hormones Matter, an online and community publication dedicated to advancing hormone-health research, is raising awareness about the DES drug scandal. DES Daughter Network joins their team of guest writers.

Read “DES – The Drug to Prevent Miscarriage Ruins Lives of Millionsfull article on Hormones Matter, Feb 5, 2013 .

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CALLING ALL DES Daughters in the UK for Media Opportunity about Breast Cancer Victims

CALLING ALL DES Daughters in the UK for BBC Channel4 Opportunity about Breast Cancer VictimsA UK journalist who has been trying to get TV channels interested in a programme on DES Daughters for more than a year has now got a proposal under consideration, following the out of court settlement in the US which related to breast cancer claimants.  He needs to find a British breast cancer victim who can show, without doubt, that her mother took DES. This is a unique opportunity. If you can help please contact us or  by email des.daughter@gmail.com

Silent Trauma

Judith Barrow’s fiction book based on Stilboestrol drug

Silent Trauma: Judith Barrow's new fiction book based on Stilboestrol drug

Great news! “Silent Trauma” Judith Barrow’s new book, a fiction built on fact around  the DES story,  is now available on Kindle!

The Story of Silent Trauma is fiction – the facts are real

Congratulations and thank you Judith for all your hard with this book and determination to publish it!

Read an extract

Buy from Amazon

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New Zealand link to USA Breast Cancer Trial over the DES Drug

A DES register was never been set up in NZ

New Zealand link to USA Breast Cancer Trial over the DES DrugProf Paul says during the 1980s she tried to publish research on the problem but her paper was rejected by three journals. She said:

We got the sense that publicity … was not actively sought – indeed the opposite – by doctors

Most health records from the time have since been destroyed, leaving the total number of DES-affected a mystery. Prof Paul said:

“It is a guess now”

Read NZ link to US legal fight over drug, 3news, 19 Jan 2012.

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“Silent Thalidomide” in the UK

Thousands of Mothers and Daughters at Cancer Risk from Pregnancy Drugs

pregnant woman imageTwenty eight comments have been left since this article was published last year. They make an interesting read even though I find some of them quite upsetting … Feel free to click on the arrows to rate these comments.

Read “Silent Thalidomide” in UK: Thousands of Mothers and their Daughters at Risk of Cancer from anti-miscarriage Drugs they took Decades ago”
on the DailyMail, 23 January 2012.

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Let’s all convince Eli Lilly to adequately deal with the Reality of their Disaster – Time for Actions

A Guest Post by Dom
DES husband and father of three DES Grand-Daughters

Please "sign" the petition, consider adding EAv hashtag + ticker as suggested if appropriateFollowing this week historic trial in Boston – see the Melnick sisters related posts – DES Daughter Patricia Royall is targeting the CEO of Eli Lilly with the petition: Eli Lilly – Fess Up on DES!
(if, like me, you are not used to “American slang”, *Fess Up* = Confess).

Why adding your name to the petition is important

Enough talks and awareness efforts, it’s now time for real actions

  • When DES Daughter Domino  and I started this crusade less than two years ago, our humble goal was to try to assemble the news from the spread action groups, and to inform the general public about a non-talked about, not-taken care of, and worldwide tragedy affecting millions…
  • The DES victims needs more research about third-generation side-effects. I wish to see real justice asking the responsible pharmaceutical companies to finance this adequately…
  • The world now needs all doctors to be fully informed about the current situation… for all DES victims to receive adequate care and prevention.
  • The world now needs the FDA to monitor properly what data is presented to them prior to accepting new drugs to be put on the market…
  • The world now needs the governments to sanction politicians who became corrupted, make sure that the health system in place is doing its job to protect their citizens with adequate control barriers in place for no other similar health tragedy to happen again…

Calling our Fans, Followers, and Social Media influencers I met via Empire Avenue

Please "sign" the petition, consider adding EAv hashtag + ticker as suggested if appropriate

  • Please “sign” the petition  – some celebrities already did – with option to leave it anonymous if you prefer…
  • This is an opportunity for any Empire Avenue “player” to show that we can look beyond the “game aspect” and that the EAv community can make a difference… consider adding #EAv + your (e)TickerName into your comment… see mine left (#254)  as an example
  • I really hope to see some of my Empire Avenue SuperStars friends like Art Jonak, Berrie Pelser, Michael Q Todd, Rami Kantari, Ryan Zeigler (to name just five of them) to please help spread the word

Let’s make this go viral and… thank you very much

WONDER DRUG the (Movie) Script

Scientific Drama currently in Development, inspired by DES

WONDER DRUG scientific advisor P. Harry Jellinck, WONDER DRUG screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy, WONDER DRUG producer Alysia Reiner, and actor Steve Guttenberg at the 15th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival.

A scientific drama, currently in development.  is the winner and nominee in over 20 international film festival screenplay competitions and labs (including the prestigious Hamptons Screenwriters Lab as an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation script).
Set in Boston, Massachusetts, WONDER DRUG is inspired by the true story of the drug DES…  WONDER DRUG WebsiteTwitterFacebook .

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