Pap smears – Letter of the Day, March 2012

Awareness is the Key!

Letter of the Day : Pap smears

I will continue having an annual Pap smear, as specifically stipulated in the fine print of the screening recommendations, because of my increased risk for cervical/vaginal cancer… … We all must remain aware of changing medical guidelines in order for each of us to advocate for — and receive — the care we need to protect our health. Awareness is the key.

StarTribune Letters | Letter of the Day (March 18, 2012) | Pap smears

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Breast Cancer: Risks, Myths and Controversy

Breast cancer: Risks, myths and controversy

For women there are genuine risks that you may think you can’t control. There are also myths and controversy about what causes the disease.
The hormone DES (diethylstilbestrol) also raises the chances of cancer of the breast.

Read Breast cancer: Risks, myths and controversy
by Kathleen Blanchard RN, October 2012

Pregnancy for DES Daughters

While pregnancy is probably the most beautiful experience of a women’s life, for DES Daughters it is not…

For many reasons (not only medical but also psychological), a DES pregnancy is not like any other pregnancy. DES daughters require high risk obstetric care, early confirmation of pregnancy and psychological support throughout their pregnancy due to an increased risk of complications.

The lack of transatlantic communication

INSIGHT-In PIP implant Scandal

INSIGHT-In PIP implant scandal, a ragged safety net exposedThe lack of transatlantic communication is just one problem highlighted by the PIP Breast Implant scandal

Really? Nothing new then! … back in 1971 the FDA issued a warning about DES for pregnant women … in France Distilbene continued to be prescribed to pregnant women until 1977! … Now with the PIP scandal, France reacted 10 years after the FDA … !!!! This is just insane and shocking! When will they learn? Read the post ” INSIGHT-In PIP implant scandal, a ragged safety net exposed “.

Heartbreaking story! Misdiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy

Misdiagnosed Ectopic : Heartache for Moms

Baby Born Deformed After Misdiagnosed Ectopic PregnancyHeartbreaking story! ” Baby Born Deformed After Misdiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy “. This tragedy doesn’t seem to be related to DES but we have to remember that DES Daughters have an elevated risk of ectopic pregnancy, up to three times the risk of unexposed women…

If you know that you have been exposed to DES and are trying for a baby, make sure you tell your doctor and demand proper DES pregnancy care and monitoring.

Read DES studies on fertility and pregnancy.

Women’s History Month Proclamation

DES and the White House

Women's History Month ProclamationJoin the team at DES Info in reminding the White House and President Obama that the DES Tragedy needs to be addressed and we are still awaiting an apology!
As long as governments don’t take responsibility and publicly acknowledge this tragedy not much will be done to provide proper care and fund research for the DES community…
It’s important to keep the pressure on and fight this battle on all levels.

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The Tutu Project™ @TheTutuProject

Support the fund raising efforts of The Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer

The Tutu Project™ @TheTutuProject
The Tutu Project™ @TheTutuProject

The mission of The Tutu Project™ is to support the fund raising efforts of The Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer. Bob strives to bring laughter and understanding to a community that has endured far too much.

Women exposed to diethylstilbestrol are 82% more likely to develop breast cancer after age 40.

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Pregnant? Here’s more to worry about…

Bisphenol A, Cigarette smoke, Morning sickness and Alcohol

Pregnant? Here's more to worry about

Pregnancy may be the mother of all guilt trips. But that anxiety doesn’t necessarily end with the birth of a healthy child. Researchers are finding that in utero exposures could be linked with behavioral or emotional problems in young children and increased cancer risk and other problems later in life.

For example exposure to artificial estrogens such as BPA and Diethylstilbestrol ( DES ) can change the way the fetus responds to estrogen later in life and may be associated with breast cancer.

Know your Breast Cancer Risks

Breast Cancer Risk for DES Daughters is Twice Higher

Doctors have tools to help estimate a woman’s personal risk, but women who get breast cancer sometimes have no known risk factors besides age. Many women with one or more risk factors never get breast cancer. So it’s impossible to know who will actually get the disease.

Read Know your breast cancer risks, HerkimerTelegram, Oct 2011

DES exposure is one of many risks factors for breast cancer – Be aware of these risks factors and stay tuned via Diethylstilbestrol, Journal of a DES Daughter Diethylstilbestrol DES on Facebook

DES studies on cancer and breast cancer, screening.

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

Dr. Therese Bevers, 2009

In this Oct. 2009 video on YouTube, Dr. Therese Bevers talks about new screening guidelines for cervical cancer. Women at increased risk have a higher chance of getting cervical cancer than women at average risk.

Women at increased risk include those who have:

  • History of cervical cancer or severe cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer)
  • Persistent Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection after age 30 (HPV testing not recommended in women younger than age 30)
  • An immune system that does not function properly
  • Been infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Diethylstilbestrol DES exposure before birth

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