We Can Challenge Perceptions

Whatever you choose to do, make a difference to the fight against cancer

We can. I can.

In many cultures and societies today, cancer remains a taboo subject. People living with cancer are often subject to stigma and discrimination that may stop them admitting they have cancer and from seeking care and support. Even within communities where cancer is discussed openly, people affected by cancer can sometimes be discriminated against and feel isolated from friends and peers.

2 thoughts on “We Can Challenge Perceptions”

  1. I have been caught up in all the hype for years. The China Study opened my eyes to what diet can do and I have come to believe that the search for the “cure” is totally missing the boat. Billions of dollars and pounds have not made truly significant progress. They need to be doing much more to search for the *causes*, spending significant time looking at diet and nutrition. Alas, the profits of the giant food industry buy the governments by lining the pockets of the decision-makers. Major diet changes and exercise can cause many cancers to regress and sometime totally disappear. Dr. Campbell’s second book, Whole, points out that eating the whole tomato does much, much more to fight prostate cancer than the extract lycopene. Yet, there is money to be made by the supplement makers. More and more doctors are moving in this direction as they see what happens to their patients who change their lifestyle.
    I appreciate your articles. You help keep us informed of many of the chemical and other causes. I try my best to work to educate people on diet and it breaks my heart to see them die of chronic diseases that can be prevented or slowed or reversed. Yes, I FIGHT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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