Challenging the high price of the new medicine drugs

Propaganda or the cost of innovation?

image of drugs manufacturing

The cost of drugs, particularly new biological agents, is overwhelming health budgets around the world.

However, little is known about how much it really costs to develop new medicines and, therefore, what they are really worth.

Concern is growing about the implications of rising drug prices for individuals and health systems around the world.

With little transparency around the costs of drug development, Narcyz Ghinea and colleagues call for greater accountability from drug companies to ensure a fair price for new medicines.

  • How much does it cost to develop a new medicine?
  • Alternative explanations for high costs of drugs
  • Varied approach to funding medicines
  • Can we find a “just” price for drugs?

Read: “Propaganda or the cost of innovation?
Challenging the high price of new drugs
The BMJ, 352/bmj.i1284,
11 March 2016.

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