Child transgender referrals to the NHS quadrupled in five years

Rise in child transgender referrals

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The number of children referrred to the NHS as a result of transgender feelings and confusion about their gender has quadrupled in five years. 2013 Rally for Transgender Equality image by Ted Eytan.

The number of children aged 10 or under who have been referred to the NHS because of transgender feelings has more than quadrupled in five years, according to new figures.
The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust said referrals over the period included 47 children aged five or under, and two children just three years old.
The trust – UK’s only centre specialising in gender issues in under 18s – said that in total, the number of under 11s referred to the unit has risen from 19 in 2009-10 to 77 in 2014-15.
Parents said they had sought help after children became deeply distressed about their gender.

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