China finds Paylean trace in US Pork Exports

Chinese officials claim they have found traces of the banned drugs in shipments

” … China has been making noise about trace residue of ractopamine hydrochloride in pork imported from here. This is a drug to improve the ratio of lean meat to fat and is approved as a feed additive in our country but banned in China, the European Union and some other countries. It is sold by Elanco, the ag division of Eli Lilly, under the brand name Paylean ... ”

” … The United States has long been more tolerant of drugs and hormones as feed additives than most other countries, especially those in Europe. The current dispute mimics a long one we had with the European Union about residues of diethylstilbestrol and other growth-promoting hormones in U.S. beef exports … ”

Read about two current agricultural trade disputes which mimic a long dispute between the U.S. and the EU about DES in beef exports … Eli Lilly is once again involved …!!!!
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via twincities, 02/20/2013 .

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