Choosing and taking Vitamins and Mineral Supplements can be incredibly confusing

Will someone tell Judith Potts which vitamin pills actually work?

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Judith Potts says she is paying for something about which there is little published evidence of effectiveness. Will someone tell her which vitamin pills actually work?

” … Iron and Calcium should not be taken together because Calcium inhibits absorption of the Iron. Calcium should be taken in the evening because it is best utilised at night and Iron should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Zinc should not be taken with Calcium or Iron but must be taken in the afternoon. Vitamin D (which is much in the news) works best if taken with a meal in the early afternoon – because this avoids its “negative influences on sleep” and the same applies to Co-enzyme Q10. Vitamin K should be taken with vitamins D and C plus Calcium and these should be taken with dietary fats – ie milk with cereal, nuts, yoghurt and avocado. Vitamin C only lasts a few hours in the body and, therefore, the doses need to be split throughout the day … ”

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by Judith PottsFebruary 18th, 2014.

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