Common misperceptions about IVF and Fertility Treatments

Mistaken beliefs about “test-tube” and “designer” babies

Myths About Fertility Treatments
IVF technology has been highly successful in treating infertile patients

Despite 5 million births due to IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies worldwide since the first “test-tube baby,” Louise Brown, was born in July 1978, there remain some “myths” and common misperceptions about “test-tube” and “designer” babies:

  • Designer babies are coming soon
  • Egg donation is common
  • IVF increases fertility
  • IVF children are not affected

Read Myths about Fertility Treatments
by Robin Nixon, LiveScience, 24 Aug 2012.

Sadly for many DES daughters having their own children is not possible! Many of us who have experienced miscarriages, want to have kids but are struggling or unable to…

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  1. Excellent information. Thank you for clarifying some misconception that I personally had. You don’t hear a lot of this information in the press or even in the journals I read to try to keep up on medical issues. It comes down to people like yourself to keep us better informed. Thanks for a job well done! Keep up the great fight!

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