DES Health Information Record for Men and Women

CDC’s DES Update, For Consumers, Download DES materials

This health information record can help you manage your health decisions and help you discuss questions about DES exposure with your health care provider.

Each family member exposed to DiEthylStilbestrol DES should complete a DES Health Information Record – you can download, print and photocopy this record.

Download additional DES brochures on the CDC’s DES Update Web site.

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2 thoughts on “DES Health Information Record for Men and Women”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for putting together all this D.E.S. information, I am a DES son, I was born in OHIO back in 1961, at 6 weeks prenatal I was all most miscarriaged, my mother was given 3 shots of DIETHYLSTIBESTROL drug then put on DES pills for the rest of her pregnancy, Diethylstilbestrol started with 3 shots over the first two days, The next 33 weeks mother was prescribed Diethylstilbestrol pills. I have had almost all of the negative side effects this drug has to offer and every year it just keeps gets harder for me to manage, I was born with learning and memory problems I have suffered with since day one of my life the damage to my brain from DES never improves and it is very depressing, I fear my future is headed to being a homeless man soon, in my mid fifty’s, This awful drug has been A nightmare for me, I am hoping this DES Daughter website helps me gain enough information to get the help that I need to stay safe and healthy in the USA. It’s very hard when the truth is hidden by government and big pharma companies The drugs I need cost thousands of dollars a year and without a good job and insurance it almost certainly going to end badly for me and others like me. The damage from this Diethylstilbestrol is awful I need to win a settlement from a court to survive the medical expenses alone, If anyone knows how to win a case in court please contact me I can’t pay for this up front but will pay out of a court rewarded settlement, Hope I said this well enough to spark some interest, My mother is still a live and willing to provide any information the case might need, but she’s not getting any younger and time is a pressing problem for us all, Big pharma can’t wait till there damage is silent forever. Thank you for reading not a writer by any stretch hope it has made some sence my mind is a mess all the time thanks to Diethylstilbestrol

    1. Thank you for sharing this information with our readers David.
      We also publish DES information on this blog, at the moment, daily about old DES cases.
      The goal is to regroup all DES lawsuits and law papers on this page.
      This will likely take few more months to complete but I hope this will help.

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