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Facebook reaches one Billion active users imageIn the U.S. an estimated 5 to 10 million persons were exposed to Diethylstilbestrol; 740,000 in Australia, 300,000 in the UK, 160,000 in France and many more as DES was also prescribed in other countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, South America, … If we did not have to consider many other factors such as age groups, location, etc., we could almost say that 1% of Facebook users have been exposed to DES…  In today’s world of fast-paced communication, it does struck me that whilst so many people have been exposed yet very few people know about the DES drug tragedy. The good news is Facebook is changing this!

By offering a unique forum where DES daughters, sons, mothers and their family can connect and share their story, Facebook offers the opportunity to reach out to a wide audience of people thus spreading awareness of the damage this prescription drug and many others prescription drugs such as Thalidomide, Mediator, etc. have caused.

“I am so grateful to have found your Facebook page. I am a DES Daughter, diagnosed with CCA at the age of 17. I am celebrating my 42nd year of surviving this terrible cancer. (…) I pray each day for all those that have been affected or have to deal with issues that this travesty has caused. Thank you for providing a forum for education and support” – commented a DES daughter on my Facebook profile recently.

I’m glad more and more DES Action groups are using this platform to raise awareness about DES and help break the wall of silence around the DES health issues.

DES News via Facebook

Please find a list of Facebook groups and pages providing updates about the Diethylstilbestrol related issues as well as support for DES victims.

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Diethylstilbestrol, Journal of a DES Daughter on Facebook image  June 21st 2012 marked a Milestone in our efforts to raise awareness of the DES drug scandal and tragedy! Thank you for sharing our page Diethylstilbestrol DES on Facebook and for spreading DES awareness one step further !

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13 thoughts on “DES on Facebook”

  1. It still amazes me that something that has affected so many people in so many places for so long is still relatively unknown! Keep up the good work!
    Austin Grady

  2. Reblogged to Tumblr. Thank you for sharing this important information. Also sharing on Facebook.

  3. So happy to see your work and message spread! Very important topic for many who don’t even know yet they may be affected by this drug.
    Paula Henry

  4. This still horrifies me and I can’t believe I’d never heard of it until I started reading your f/b and twitter accounts. I’m so glad you’re out there!

  5. Happy to help you spread awareness anytime! Such a WORTHY cause that effects millions all over the world and 3 generations so far!

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