DES Update CDC 2003 Presentation for Clinicians and Nurses

Author: Jeffrey Goldberg, MD Louisville Oncology Associates, Kentucky

Developed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health (Department of Health and Human Services) for CDC’s DES Update.

Sources – CDC

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2 thoughts on “DES Update CDC 2003 Presentation for Clinicians and Nurses”

  1. Thankyou for the slide set and references. I’m so grateful for your passion in researching and publicising the risks of DES for second and third generation offspring.

    I’ve had two bouts of early adenocarcenoma yet regularly come across Doctors in Australia that don’t even know of DES and the increased risks it has presented.

    I also gave birth one month prematurely to a son – but knew nothing of being considered a high risk pregnancy in 1994.

    My mother (deceased), and (sadly) ironically a pharmacist, told me I’m on a register for DES daughters which I’m going to try and confirm.

    I’m also going to share this email with my GP and ensure I receive annual examinations.

    DES, and Thalidomide (yes, I’m a Thalidomide daughter too) are just two examples of pharmaceutically acquired risk of malignancy. Since the 1960’s we’ve exposed the world’s population to a plethora of chemicals – medically, agriculturally and domestically, including plastics.

    It’s my hope ours will be the last generation to be so extensively exposed to such a wide range of poisons and that we learn to always educate, and enquire; and to seek minimally impacting medications if needed.

    Thankyou for your passion to this and related topics. It’s one of the few newsletters I receive that I always read and value.

    Best wishes from Australia.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comments.
      It is because of readers like you that we do what we do and keep this 2nd blog active.
      I guess you know our 1st blog is even more DES-focused
      Thanks again and best wishes from the UK.

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