SlideShow DES Art

Selected pieces of Art as a response to DES exposure

Regina Holliday - DEStiny a jacket for @cascadia #TheWalkingGallery


Artist Regina Holliday is a medical advocate muralist. She is using paint and brushes to promote health reform and patient’s rights.

Images copyright TwitPic – All rights reserved. DEStiny a jacket for @cascadia #TheWalkingGallery by @ReginaHolliday.

Female Reproductive Histopathology

Artist Penny Oliver says:

My name is Penny Oliver and I am committed to creating artwork that will inspire and reinvigorate you in your practice of medicine. By interpreting and translating anatomic, histologic and diagnostic images, I seek to create art that is both beautiful to the layperson and meaningful to the medical professional. Contact me to see how your work and passion can be transformed into a stunning piece of original art.” – Diagnosis ART, Custom Paintings for the Medical Professional

Images copyright Diagnosis Art – All rights reserved.

Surviving DES

Artist Patricia Ann Wilson says:

The watercolors and drawings, Surviving DES are a response to being a DES baby. My mother was given a drug, diethylstilbestrol, when she was pregnant with me. I have health issues as the result. The women who were given this drug between the 1940’s through the late 1970’s were actually being experimented on by the drug companies. These paintings and drawings, are my positive response to a negative situation. My art is my catharsis.”

Images copyright Patricia Ann Wilson Studio – All rights reserved.

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  1. Shared and Reblogged this wonderful Art on michellegilstrap and commented:
    My mother was given DES and my sister was a DES Daughter, she has many health issues that we do not understand. We must spread the word about the generations of children who are living with the effects of DES and how the drug companies are allowed to use us as experiments.

    Thanks for this great post.

  2. I am the Creator of the ART Pieces Surving DES “DEDICATION to a Lost Child” It brings tears to my eyes to know that others are seeing my work as the result of losing my babies due to DES. My paintings art my catharsis…….If you are a DES baby, write, make music, create art….and heal your soul and find your joy in your creations.
    Patricia Ann Wilson

    1. milieunet,
      Thank you for taking the time to view and consider my art as a response to being a DES baby.
      Much Joy,

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