Diclegis FDA approved to replace Bendectin as new Morning Sickness Drug

Another preventable future health tragedy?

#Diclegis is #FDA approved to replace #Bendectin as new Morning Sickness DrugA new pregnancy drug, the Diclegis® pill manufactured by  Duchesnay Inc. Canada, will enter pharmacies this June 2013.  This week (see tweet), in its news release, the FDA stated: ” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Diclegis (doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride) to treat pregnant women experiencing nausea and vomiting “.

The “Morning Sickness Drug“, was called Bendectin between 1978 and 1983, and had over 300 lawsuits filed against the Merrell Dow pharmaceutical company, claiming damages for babies with deformities born to mothers who took the drug. The wide range of birth defects attributed to it were: limb and other musculoskeletal deformities; facial and brain damage; defects of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and genital-urinary systems; blood disorders and cancer.

With many thanks to Judith Kavanaugh for warning me about this unbelievable but true news !!!

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  1. The physician who authored the study claiming Bendectin was unsafe was later found to have deliberately falsified the data. He was later stripped of his medical license.

    Unfortunately, because of this physician’s unethical behavior, millions of women missed out on a safe and effective treatment.

    Some, but not all, pregnant women were luckier than others. Bendectin was nothing more than a combination of over-the-counter Unisom and vitamin B6, and that inexpensive combination was and continues to be recommended by many health care providers. Diclegis will be an expensive substitute for this existing treatment.

    1. Thanks for this important info Steve. Considering the devastating effects a prescription drug can have on an unborn baby, pregnancy should not be considered as an illness and drugs should be the last resort. Many natural remedies can help Mums to cope with even the worst cases of morning sickness …!!! My advise: think more than twice before taking any prescription drugs during pregnancy! Don’t risk it even if the drug prescribed is considered safe! DES was considered safe for many years and seen as a wonder drug … it wasn’t! It’s only years after the drug was taken that the men and women exposed in utero are suffering from its harmful side effects.

    2. ALL NATURAL...unfortunatly bad experience with many drugs , i stay far away from them says:

      he probabley didnt have enough patients lol

  2. I simply wish to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great info you’ve got right here on this post. I will be returning to your web site for more soon.

  3. Thank you for expanding on the article I sent. Your expertise and research skills are unparalleled. Keep educating all of us. We appreciate you.

  4. I admire your efforts to protect people. I am a midwife. Women who suffer from extreme nausea in pregnancy and lose weight, become dehydrated and cannot eat no matter what herbal, dietary and other remedies we try have to use medication because the baby is not being nourished and there are consequences of that lack of nourishment.
    This new medication replacing the old has been studied and studied. It is important to raise questions, but it is equally important not to spread false information that in turn creates harm!

    1. I 100% agree with you Molly. In some cases the benefits of taking a prescription drug may outweigh the potential risks. However it is important to be aware of all short-term and long-term risks in order to make informed decisions. Unfortunately for DES victims, DES was given in good faith to pregnant women for more than 40 years in the wrong belief that it would prevent miscarriage … It didn’t and caused more harm than good! Once bitten, twice shy as the proverb says …

    2. ALL NATURAL...unfortunatly bad experience with many drugs , i stay far away from them says:

      im the trype of person who loves remedies, me? i prefer a hot lemon honey and sugar tea …as aposed to cough syrup. btw has anyone hear the saying i could have been a doctor but i havent got enough patients or there arnt enough patients….i for one do NOT trust drugs

  5. ALL NATURAL...unfortunatly bad experience with many drugs , i stay far away from them says:

    honestly im not a fan of this drug, im not a fan of any perscription drug, after loosing a lung to the usage of ventaline inhalors. (there are many side effects to using that drug too, including rashes, imagine a rash in youre lung??) anyway my lung and the tumour that grew from it is now removed so thats all in the passed, watching my parents struggle daily as the 20 pills they take a day have many side effects aswell. watching my sister whom only had paranoia, be perscribed to anti pshycotics, and in turn made her have horrible hallusinations, not the fun ones either, they litterally scared the shit out of her, from seeing shadows to no existant people…in action or doing activities..even tho there not realy there…..sigh..and this drug (dicliges) not that i care about the correct spelling …i was perscribed to this medication and couple weeks into pregnancy …..experienced every side effect that come with taking it, ….this drug also did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to as my sickness increasead and lasted all day, usually i was in bed rest……..by the 3rd month i had a misscarage. and after the baby passed the little that i could look at him, i could clearly tell the fetus was not growing properly the fetus had 4 finger and obvious defomaties to the structure and scull of the face….i dont want to say to much it was a devistating experience and i regret ever taking the pill i should have just toughed it out and dealt with the sickness natually, but now i am on my second pregnancy and it is going quite well i take ZERO medications accept prenatles i bought from the grocery store…….i dont plan to get anything prescribed to me ever…..my friends perscription prenatles look like horse tranquilazers they are quite large , and have to be taken with food etc. i just like my plain and simple jhonsons prenatles and good healthy food

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