Diethylstilbestrol found in Veal Meat and in Baby-Foods – 1980s Germany and Italy Food Scandals

Lebensmittelskandale in Deutschland, Norddeutscher Rundfunk 2013

Diethylstilbestrol found in Veal Meat and in Baby Food - Germany Food Scandal...Diethylstilbestrol was also used as growth hormones and there was a huge scandal when DES was found in baby food in Germany (1980).

Original post Lebensmittelskandale in Deutschland,, 10.04.2013.

DER SPIEGEL Der Tapfere, 46/1980.

It was also reported in Italy, in 1984 – PDF.

“… etiopathogenesis of gynoecomastia, early pseudopuberty, or troubles in the sex organs of school-age children described in Italy as well as in other countries during these later years.”


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