Diethylstilbestrol major Cause of TransGender?

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” … Should the drug DES be recognized as a major cause of transgender and should the public be educated with regard to this, then perhaps over time there may be a change towards those who are transgendered. I am sure that we, as transgendered, would still be open to a lot of prejudice but perhaps not to the extent that we are because we are thought of ‘as just men who want to wear women’s clothes’. Perhaps the slant will over time change to ‘those women who were born into the wrong body’… ”

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16 thoughts on “Diethylstilbestrol major Cause of TransGender?”

  1. Des has caused me to lose all testosterone, and possibly have testicular cancer. I have finally decided to transition to become female 12/6/2014 and on hormones, since I have been transgendered most of my mother has no thyroid, and other effects on her body. Not sure if there’s any groups, or help that anyone knows of for us. I’m working paycheck to paycheck, and dealing with a lot of people who do not understand or care. Any help or advice is gladly welcomed :-)

  2. I am trangender, I’ve been coming out to more and more people, my sister and me have become really really close and she accepts me for who I am.
    We were talking and she said to me.. I wonder if it has anything to do with mom taking DES , I said what. She said, well after Mom’s miscarriage the doctor prescribed DES they were doing that a lot at the time. I’m trying to determine if there is a correlation, my finding are trobling.

  3. my mother was given DES back in 1954 to hopefully carry me full term.. she did but at what cost, I carried my 4 children full term, had to have a hysterectomy at 32, my youngest and only son, is male to female transgender, I have a granddaughter who my 3rd daughter gave birth to is a female to male transgender, there is nothing remotely feminine about this child, should have been born a boy. what are the odds..

    1. Hi Sherrie, Thank you so much for sharing your DES story. In 2005, Dr. Dana Beyer presented a breakthrough paper, with her colleagues Dr. Scott Kerlin and Dr. Milton Diamond, to the International Behavioral Development Symposium, delineating the impact Di-Ethyl Stilbestrol® has had in causing gender variations in human beings. It is a very sensitive and controversial matter but it is so important to bring this issue to light and break the wall of silence around what is still nowadays considered as “taboo” so THANK YOU for your comment. Follow this link to find a list of studies about DES and gender identity.

  4. Another DES baby from the early 60s here. Effeminate my entire life. Finally transitioning MtF , now in my mid 50s.

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