Do you think that it is all right to take Drugs while Pregnant?

Too Many Pills in Pregnancy

Read Too Many Pills in Pregnancy

We seem to have forgotten as a society that drugs pose risks

Dr. Allen A. Mitchell, professor of epidemiology and pediatrics at Boston University Schools of Public Health and Medicine, said in an interview.

Many over-the-counter drugs were grandfathered in with no studies of their possible effects during pregnancy…

Read Too Many Pills in Pregnancy,
nytimes, FEBRUARY 25 2013.

Watch “The Truth about Pills and Pregnancy” video.

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2 thoughts on “Do you think that it is all right to take Drugs while Pregnant?”

  1. honestly after taking diclesis or watever the frig it is …i dont care for it…….i had every side effect withought even knowing that what i was experiencing, my doctor perscribed it, and 3 months later i had a misscarage not to mention those very short 3 months of being pregnant the morning sickness incressead after being reasured the drug would help me, now on my second pregnany i do not take this ever……i also havent even got perscribed prenatle i chose to get prenatles from the natural heath store instead.

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